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Yeah, I like her too. She's drawing a lot of comparison to Winehouse, which I don't think is fair. There's a nice little remix of Mercy...I don't like it all that much...but it's there (I'm just not a huge fan of remixes).

I'm just loving this trend back toward soul. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are a blast! True 60s R&B throwback.

I've been playing them, Duffy, Lily Allen, Pink Martini, and a few others during Happy Hour lately. The sound is familiar (just freshened up a bit) even though the songs might not be.


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I discovered Duffy one morning while blowdrying my hair. I was listening to VH1 while getting ready for work and heard heard the song. It was instant love.

In my mind Amy Wino holds no candle to her. She's got the gravel in her voice and when I heard it the first time before I saw it was a teeny little white girl singing I thought it was Aretha revamped. More the music than the voice really that made me think that but still it has that soulful feel.

What I really love about it is that it is danceable, yet listenable and my seven year old can listen to it with out me worrying about the lyrics.

I'll be downloading more of Duffy soon!

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Perhaps Duffy will be the one to bring class back to the music industry. I love her voice and IMO Amy Winehouse doesn't hold a candle to her. AW in my opinion has zero talent anyway.
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