Gig pics!

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Thinking ala Randy Bartlett's 1% Solution, yes pic #631 is a good shot, but instead of reading from a piece of paper (as seen by your audience), wouldn't it be a BETTER shot if you were holding it in a portfolio/binder type holder?

Just a thought/suggestion. Otherwise, yes, it's a good shot.



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OtsDJ indeed - and as for the piece of paper, I usually use computer-printed 3x5 notecards.

I forget what I was doing there, but I think it was a last-minute bit that involved first names of all the attendees. I noticed a large portion of duplicated names, and it just seemed funny, so I tallied them all all up - 3 pauls, 3 Bobs 4 Erics...On and on and on. It was only 80 people. There were two unrelated Bernards AND a Bernice, John, John, a Jane a Juan...

I normally don't digress like that but it was the right group, and it went off very well.


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Good pictures, a couple of questions. What is the reason you use the old style microphone? How do you like working at the Pacific Athletic Center?



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I use the old S-55 replica because it matches the photos of me on my card. When I saw that the new ones had SM-58 capsules, I had to try it. (the bag it travels in is circa '62) It's a little flourish of my own personal style - I don't think it has any real value other than that.

Pac Athletic Club is a mixed bag: I love the staff - the service there is like a 5 star hotel, but the floor layout is a little kooky, with 4 huge poles in the middle of the room that forces the DJ away from the dance floor and behind banquet tables, and the load-in is designed for semi-trailers, so you have to hump it up the service stairs to get to the platform. From there, it's a cake load-in, but the first hurdle is a doozy.


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I like the mic too.. I think it has real cool retro style and adds to the "show".

Nice pics... Definitely good for the website.

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I have one of those mics also, I use it for karaoke when someone sings an Elvis or something like that. I have it on a crome stand with a white mic cable!

Get a ramp for your van, that way you can back up to the loading dock and pull your ramp out and roll right on up...

I'll try and take some pics in the next few weeks when I'm doing that...

It'll save your back!
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