Gear List For My Podcast Studio.

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Hi Gang,
I thought it'd be fun to post the list of gear I'm using for my Podcast Studio. I'm shooting for the stars with this and hope within a 18 to 24 months to become a nationally recognized show. I recently read an article in Forbes written by the undisputed king of Podcasting, Adam Carolla. In this article he wrote about what he believes is necessary to to do Podcasting right if you want to make it as a Podcaster. I'm happy to report what Adam had on his list is also what I have on mine. Adam states one should buy the best gear they can afford so as to sound high-end. He also states that he chose to make his Podcast studio look as professional as possible which would only add to his cred when he gave tours to sponsors he was courting. Makes sense to me.

Here's the list:

  • 1 Lenovo Z 70-80 Laptop (17.3" hi-def screen)
  • 1 Mackie ProFx 22 V2 (22 Channel 4 Bus Effect Mixer w/ USB
  • 4 Electro Voice RE-20s
  • 1 Electro Voicce RE-27
  • 2 O.C. White Deluxe 3 Arm Microphone Arm w/ 12" Riser.
  • 5 DBX 286S Mic Preamp Processor (1-channel Channel Strip with Compressor, Expander/Gate, De-esser, and Enhancer Section)
  • 1 BBE 8821 Sonic Maximizer, Dual Channel
  • 1 Aphex Aural Exciter with Optical Big Bottom
  • 1 Telos Single Digital Hybrid Telephone Interface (for live listener call-ins)
  • 1 Telos ZipStream 1RU (dedicated audio digital encoder with end-of-signal-chain sound processing)
  • 1 Rane HC 6 Channel Headphone Distribution Amplifier
  • 1 Pair of AKG K240 Headphones
  • 5 Pairs of Sennheiser Headphones
  • 1 Denon DN500R 1RU SD/USB Recorder
  • 1 Zoom H4NSP hand held digital recorder (for back-up & field interviews)
  • 1 Studio Desk (see picture below).
I've leased dedicated office space which will accommodate the studio and a separate live studio audience viewing suite (see pics below). It's just the beginning, but I feel good about where we are. Thanx for checking it out :)

View from the studio looking into the audience observation suite.

View from the audience observation suite looking into the studio .
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Very nice. Thoughts of Kramer getting Michael Douglas's set just came to mind :) Have fun with it.


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Good Luck! It all looks great.
So - what's your content?

Ah, I love a good Softball...:hp17: Thanx Jodi!!!

The name of the program is Radio Recovery.
Our tag line is "Broadcasting Recovery's Message of Hope"

Since 1 out of 3 homes in North America are directly impacted by the negative effects of the disease of addicton, we will be focusing on those who, one day at a time, are recovering from it. As per our Twitter page: "Hear real stories from people just like you as they share what it was like, what happened and what it's like now."

The show's Twitter account: Please follow us!!!!

The show's old website:



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I just shared with this group (started by a friend) here in Central Ohio

Thank you Jodi!!! Ah yes, Ohio...near & dear to every 12 Stepper's heart. As you may, or may not, know, A.A. was started in Akron, Ohio on Mother's Day 05/12/35, when Bill W., a NY Stockbroker met Dr. Bob, an Akron MD, @ the Gate Lodge, Home of Henrietta Seiberling.



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Yes, of course. Akron Ohio's most famous celebrity ... other than birthday boy (prodigal son), and Trainwreck STAR, LeBron James .... whom everyone in Ohio loves again!
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