For the older DJs....

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Chuck Amstone

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If you're old enough to have played 45's at a wedding then here is a cool new tune by Joe Walsh titled: Analog Man.

If you get the chance....give it a spin and relate to how it was and is. Great lyrics in this song.

I'm an Analog Man!


Chuck, I have been a fan of Joe Walsh ever since Rocky Mountain Way. This album really bears Joe's soul. Thanks


I did like how I sorted 45's by type of music (R&B / Rock / Slow / Pop) and how you could pick up a whole stack of them with your thumb in the hole and flip through them quickly. Also carried them in a banana box because there was a center divider and they fit perfectly. Wow - brings back memories.

Joe Walsh fav = ILBTs I used to crank that on the car stereo while cruising - over & over & over



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6AX6's, too. AV's were "supposed to" work, but they were noisy...

BIG honkin' 5U4 diodes and 6DQ6's...oy.

I know a lot of guys here got heavily into MD format, as well...
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