First wedding in 20+ years...


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..and one of the DAMN FEW in 30-ish years. THE last wedding I did, (at the behest of my tech/aDJ), 20-odd years ago, was for the late mother of the bride-to-be this October. A "legacy", if you will. I am THRILLED, but, I DO have a bit of trepidation at the same time!

More to come...stay tuned!


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Didn't go yet, Earl! It's in October! Guess I forgot to mention that I have plenty of prep time!

Earl From CloudNine

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Forgot to mention.... Did you say FORGOT to mention? Do I detect just a smidgeon of forgetfulness setting in? Of course, that could not possibly be attributable to certain people becoming somewhat long-in-the-tooth could it? Personally, I intend to remain 39 (plus S&H) for some time to come. Be well Friend.


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Watch it now .... there are others here who may be long-in-the-tooth (assuming we still have teeth). Lou, I'm sure you'll remember how its done; like riding a bike, it'll come back quick. I haven't done a 1st wedding in about 6 yrs now but find myself DJ'ing for many a 2nd and 3rd weddings and tons of 50th anniversary parties down here in the Sunshine State. I still enjoy being behind the console and watching others dance their butts off and having fun!