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check out Postmodern Jukebox, " All about that bass"

good stuff for dinner, transitional & all depends on the crowd, setting.

let me know what you think.
DJTunes...that is a great idea! That will definitely work for those DJs who are very engaging and vocal during the event. What about those DJs who are not as present on the mic, or whose style is more laid back? Just looking out for those who don't like to use the mic more than they would like to.
NinoDJ...that's one of my favorite current groups! It's always fun to see who in the crowd can recognize what song is playing. I even like it when people come up to me and ask who the artist was that just did the rendition of the tune! Making a social event social!


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Good post. I've been rethinking order of events, and if you've done enough of these, a typical order might be 2-4 1st dance, parent dance, then wedding group dance. And yes, that much downtime for the audience is boring. So, I've been splitting it up. Change up the order, shake it up a bit.

An example follows:

First dance
Blessing, Dinner
1/2 through Dinner, Toasts and Cake cutting.

Right after cake cutting, WHILE the cake is being served, punch up the parent's still downtime for the audience because they are eating cake, and not quite ready for the open dance yet. But by breaking it up, it's a little more bearable.

I've been using the Oldest married couple dance to discover the oldest married couple as a way to open the dance floor, energize a well fed crowd, and I think that you can feel your way better with open dance when you can see them, and what the age group is.

Food for thought:)


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:hp7:Caution DJs: Check with the Caterer/Venue if you wish to go into doing the Toast, Cake Cutting 1/2 way through dinner. Sure hope I don't need to explain the why to the experienced DJs here.
I personally wouldn't do a cake cutting halfway through dinner. It seems a bit awkward when more than half the room is still eating dinner.
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You could always tell the couple that cupcakes are the way to go. No cake cutting formality. Just tell the guests to grab one at the end of dinner, or get a take-home container and put their cupcake in it.
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