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Ok, so I have a client that was really wanting to do the Log Cutting as their substitute for a first dance. They do not want, and will not do a first dance. The Log Cutting appealed to them due to their ethnic heritage. (German and Irish) However, they have run into a problem with getting a permit at the venue( a Museum) to saw the log. So, they want some options for something else they can do that will be memorable, and unique. This is on May 9, so I do have some time to figure this out. But as always, I appreciate the base of knowledge here. Dancing is not an option. The general atmosphere that they have picked is that of a Mitzvah, with lots of games, trivia, interaction, and Karaoke. They expect very little dance. There are 65 people, 3 kids.

I'm investigating the possibility of doing the Log cutting outside, as there is an area they could gather in that is not inside, and give them what they want. But, I'd like some options that are unusual, out of the box, and do not involve dancing to give them.


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I would make the log cutting happen. I mean if they are going to manually cut a log with a long saw.... The permit should be no more than $30.00 it's not pyrotechnics or anything! Make it happen Bill!!!!!!!



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The problem Paul is that the Museum is requiring a permit to do this log cutting since it is on state grounds. They may end up getting permission, or may not due to the need to go through a few channels of state government.

So, That part of it is entirely out of my hands. What I was asked for by the client is a plan B for a different yet, unique activity in the event that they are denied permission by the state authority overseeing this.


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Your couple wants a fun party, and an activity together instead of a first dance. Hmmmm

1) Is it too obvious to mention the cake cutting (or pie cutting, or ice cream scooping) became a tradition to symbolize the couple doing something together (cutting or scooping), and then symbolically feeding each other to represent taking care of each other in their lives together.

2) If they are looking for a "tradition" to make their own ... they can possibly look toward Jewish celebrations for inspiration. Here are 2 old school Jewish celebration traditions:

Mitzvah Dances

Entertaining the bride and groom on their wedding day is not only a mitzvah (good deed) but also an obligation. At traditional Jewish weddings, the couple is seated on chairs and guests dance before them with masks, silly costumes, and props.

** So, I had a wedding last year where the couple (together) toasted their friends, family, guests ... and then were seated facing them ... and the guests picked up kazoos, finger cymbals, tambourines, and maracas from a table and some baskets .... and proceeded to parade around the happy couple. THAT was fun.

Mezinke Tanz OR Krenzel
The Mezinke Tanz is one of the concluding dances of the night and honors parents who have married off their last child. The dance is also known as Krenzel (Yiddish for "crown") in reference to the crown of flowers often placed in the mother's hair during the dance. The proud parents are seated on chairs in the middle of the dance floor while friends and family dance around, kissing them as they pass in front.

**So, I've only had this once ... but bride and groom could adapt.

Also, once at a wedding I DJed .... the bride and groom had collected a number of shells and beautiful stones, and they were arranged on a table. Each guest selected one. Much like the above activities .... bride and groom toasts their guests, stand behind a table, and each guest comes up and places a shell or stone in a beautiful vase or basket.


You can see that I feel the MOST memorable moments at a party (and that's what we're discussing, right?) INVOLVE the guests.

I hope the log thing works out ... but ... for unique and memorable, let's keep those friends and families engaged.

Brainstorming out ...... :)


Acknowledging you said they did not want to have a traditional cake cutting, What about a combination of the traditional cake cutting and their desire to incorporate their logging heritage...

A Log cake!

That would not require a permit and it could be representative of any type log indigenous to Germany & Ireland, say a Beech tree log. (Beech logs are burned to dry the malts used in some German beers. <- A fact you might be able to use to add to the moment.)

Given the genesis of the modern, not the Roman, tradition, the cake cutting is an act of giving to each other...use that to suggest alternatives.

Here's one: possibly use it as the moment for the B&G or you on their behalf/at their behest to acknowledge everyone in attendance and say some caring/humorous/meaningful words and distribute the gifts/favors to the guests as opposed to the B&G just giving to each other or having the favors placed unceremoniously on some exit table or at the tables where some may never sit.
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Bride and Groom doing a log roll on water with Bill emceeing the action :)
Proud Mary playing during the roll.
Last one to fall in has to clean dishes for a month or cut the wood for the fireplace if they live in the wilderness.
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