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Ron aka DJ Doc

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I have a middle school graduation Monday night and am looking for some advice.

It is tradition at the school that the first dance is for the Graduates Parents to dance with their respective son/daughter for the first dance.

I am looking for some appropiate suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Jim Weisz

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I did a dance like this for a couple of years. The first year, they had never done this, but wanted to include it and left me in charge. I used "Butterfly Kisses." It worked well, so well the school liked it and wanted me to do it the exact same way the next year. The bad part about it is the song is something like 5 mins. 34 seconds, so it's a bit long.

One idea (it's kinda an oldie) is "Thanks Again" by Ricky Skaggs. I just used this for a parents and B&G first dance and it worked well. It might be worth listening to, as it would probably work well for what you need it for.
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