Fashion Show Music at Bridal Show

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Kenny Sauter

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Just curious if any of you play the music at the Fashion show at Bridal expos or shows.

What music do or would you play?

Do you play all slow music or some upbeat?


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I have done so in the past. Usually, the show coordinator will want to work with you to pick the music. Try to mix it up. Music for the guys and bridesmaids is usually more fun, while music for the Bride and MOB dresses is more traditional.
I try to use a little bit of everything, including some really new stuff.
One of the problems I've had is with wedding coordinators who want to use lots of off-beat, personal faves. The last thing I want is potential customers thinking I picked all Enya and Yanni for the show.
Usually though, they're open to your ideas.


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I was the Father of the Bride for a local bridal show last weekend in Akron and also next weekend in Cleveland.

Here are the songs that the director came up with:

Rock this Party by Bob Sinclair (mood high energy)
My Love Remix (Ibiza is Burning) by Justin Timberlake

Save the Last Dance by Michael Buble (mood playful, latin loving)
I am Changing by Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls

Song: I Loved her First by Heartland (mood dad's last dance with daughter)
My Girl by the Temptations (mood playful last dance with daughter)

Flying by James Newton (mood flying, fantasy)

Canon in D by Michael van der Kuy (mood happy upbeat)
I See You Baby by Groove Armada (mood fun at the reception)

Scott McKinney

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Mostly mix upbeat music as the girls are strutting their stuff. When Dad's and Mom's are out...something more subdude but don't put anyone to sleep. Keep it fun and lively. Remember...You are not only showcasing the fashion show, but, you are also showcasing YOU.
Don't let the fashion people dictate YOUR job. Sometimes what they suggest will make YOU look just plain BAD!
The audience won't know you are not in control of the music.
I only play 20 to 40 seconds (or so)of a song then mix into something else. When there is a good bridge. You don't want to be stuck on 4 minutes of any one song. Audience wants a variety as much as they want to see different dresses. Keep it flowing.
Don't take this wrong but as a PC jock, it afforded me the oppertunity to change songs in a seconds notice. The fashion show people changed up the order and I had to quickly cue up different songs in different orders as fast as I could type.
If you are a CD jock...get them to nail down a script then have them follow it. Nothing like "White Wedding coming up when Grandma is stepping on the stage. (although it might be good for a laugh)
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