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Hey guys,

We're getting more and more gear lately (especially uplights) and my DJ's are checking gear in and out each week. I want to keep better track of who has what and would like to label / tag each piece of gear. I'm looking for 2 things specifically I'd like suggestions on;

1.) Tags for each piece of individual gear like this maybe ( where we can put an identifier like "Property of 123 DJ Company - SlimPar56 1 of 35" or something like that.

2.) Tags for the outside of the bags the gear is in like this maybe ( where we can put an identifier like "Optoma DS317 Projector 3 of 5".

So that each DJ checks out a specific piece of gear and we know who had what when.

What are you guys using for this?



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I agre ewith keeping it simple. System a,b,c,d or 1,2,3,4.

Labellingfor each items goes with that system.


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With 8 DJ systems and 13 DJs, we did the group inventory: System 1-8, and an inventory of what was in each. Check it over when they leave and come back.


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If it was my gear, I would look into scannable barcode stickers (very hard to remove).
You make it a rule that nothing goes out or in without being scanned, and you never have a debate about record keeping. Better for potential legal issues as well.,d.dmg&fp=8d786327089c7a38&biw=1280&bih=905

Of course for purposes of gear & team matching, some other system would be helpful. I'm a fan of color coding.
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Each DJ gets a checklist of what goes out and what comes back and they sign off on it. Anything missing is at their expense. To date all is good except for a mic stand that got left outside one time and I called to have the venue hold it since we were going to be there in 3 weeks.

Making your staff accountable and liable, before they get paid is a great way to eliminate excuses of why something is missing.

For labels I keep them out of public view, thus, not the front side facing the audience. It says MD1, MD2 , MD3 per each system and placed on the back of the gear, the DJ side.