Employee Pay


Just getting a feel for what you guys/gals usually pay your employees. We are a Single-Op DJ service, however we have a few employees who do setups, teardowns, lighting-only jobs, host photobooth jobs. Also we have them doing any office work tasks that need done, gear prep, run errands, etc.


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Noticed no body replied to this... When me and my DJ buddies roadie/assist/run lighting for each other, we usually go with $100. If its running a second sound system too (for ceremony or cocktails and setting up and everything) maybe a $150. So thats if we have a fully capable dj assisting us. When I've just needed a non dj buddy to help load in, set up and tear down for a school dance of something, I'll do $50-$75, dinner ( whether provided by the event or fast food or a few beers afterwards) and the chance to hang out with a friend. But thats us small 1 person dj companies, probably do a little more if you want more of a part time regular employee thats wants to work a lot. Maybe someone from a multi op will share what they do. Master school dances book might have an answer in it. I'm anxiously waiting for mine in the mail!


I pay my photo booth attendant $100 per event, plus extra for longer events and travel.

I had an office assistant for a couple years and paid them $9.00/hour.

I've paid buddies to help with tear downs when need be (which isn't that much). I've paid $40-$60 but it really depended on what needed to be done.