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My FBT MaxX 4a's are turning ten so I am thinking about changing them out, even though they've performed flawlessly over the years. Does anyone have experience with the ZLX-12P? I like the look, features, weight and even the price so I am considering them. I just posted a question on the EV Facebook page about freq response (they don't post the @ what dB anywhere) and they got back to me right away with an answer.

Model ZLX-12P
Frequency Response (-3db): 65 Hz – 18 kHz
Frequency Range (-10db): 50 Hz – 20 kHz

I normally use an RCF ART 705AS sub (or two or three or four) but occasionally run without one at smaller events.

Your thoughts?


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I don't have these, but an EV is an excellent choice. They are great speakers. How do those specs compare with what you own? If relatively similar, then the performance should be similar as well, providing that the outputs are similar.


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If your FBT's are still kicking, why swap them out. I personally wouldn't change them until they started giving me problems. I still have a pair of EV SXA-360's going strong and three complete sets of ZXA-1's. However at my age I'm not about to invest large sums of money into new gear just to have new gear. I agree with Bill, EV makes great gear that usually holds up to the rigors of the road. Of course the ETX line appears to be a derivative of the European Dynacord systems which are phenomenal.
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The flagship EV Product line for mobile live sound is the ETX product family. BillESC stated that this line is the next generation of the legendary EV SxA-360 family. Of course they're the most expensive and they're wood boxes as opposed to plastic so there's a portability issue to be factored into your needs.

(see EV Speaker shoot-out comparison video below).

If you've been happy with your FBT MaxX & RCF ART 705AS sub combo, I would think that the ETX line would be a natural choice. That being said, I don't see any of the EV family lines as a bad choice. BillESC is an authorized dealer, and of course his customer service is equally as legendary. Good luck! -Z-


Pricing is actually less than I expected (sez BillESC).

10P - $ 1099
12P - $ 1199
15P - $ 1299
15SP - $ 1399
18SP - $ 1499
35P - $ 1499
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I bought the ZLX-12's to match the ZXA1-Subs I've had for a while.
Absolutely LOVE them. Nice sounding speakers.
And I've used them several times WITHOUT the subs, and they still kick pretty good.
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