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Hello all,
Does any one know where I could find inexpensive colored drum sticks? I have tried my usual party supply vendors with no luck. I am looking for preferably neon colored ones, but at this point.... I will need about 75-85 pair. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


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Great avatar btw. What about Rhode Island Novelty Company or Oriental Trading?




Thanks for the compliment. I had that logo created to use on all of my promo.
I've already tried them and about 6-7 of the other main party supply houses.

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As a drummer I can say the only place I've seen colored drumstick were at Guitar Center. But they only had red or white.

What do you need them for?


Thanks but I already have been searching all the search engines for over a week. I am looking at 75-85 pair of drum sticks. At $15.95/pair, that's alot of $$$! I am looking more of a novelty type. They are for the guests of a Bar Mitzvah. The Mitzvah has a passion for drumming and is very good as well. He is doing a drum-off with his dad at the party. The sticks I am looking for are for the guests to do one big drum roll during his grand entrance. Keep those great suggestions coming! I'm sure someone, somewhere will know where to find them.
Thanks again,

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As a drummer in another lifetime in a parallel universe...you ain't gonna get much cheaper than that! :wink:

It will be an expensive prop to be sure...are they willing to get you another $1000 for this? Maybe even outfitting only 20 people would be sufficient for the desired effect...and use a sound effect to be played during the intro...?


Thanks for all the great info. I'm sure one of those are going to work perfectly!
Thanks again!

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Hope no one else mentioned this above as I did not finish reading the responses.

Buy regular sticks in bulk and dip them yourself. We used to do this from the time I was in High School all the way through when I marched DCI.

You can make your own designs and everything this way. You can usually get a really good deal on cheapo sticks for about $2-$4 a pair.

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Ron: Yeah I have seen them once. It was pretty cool but it was almost like our own shows. When I marched with the Blue Devils I learned more than I could have ever dreamed in three life times. We did shows while training for high schools and a few colleges. I did not make it long because I went into the military and gave it up. I am not sure which decision I regret more.

Even in High School we did some stuff like "Blast". In 1995 we went to England and performed two shows one in which the Queen was present. That year I was Corps Captain and I wrote two of the compilations. I remember playing so hard that my hands both spasmed and I could not let go of the sticks.

Thanks for taking me back guys.....

Drummers bang it better!

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That's what Blast is all about. It was created by a Drum Corp group who built it around the drum corp routines. The took the best from DCI etc and put what they did on the field, and created a stage show. The white lines on the floor are there for the performers just as the lines are on the field. If you get a chance google them, I think it would be interesting for you.

One of my fellow drummers in my fire pipes and drums band march for years with the 27th Lancers. The guy and still stick like crazy. My wife also was into drum corp big time. As part of the flag and riffle she competed all over in the 70's.


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...And one time at band camp....


Luv ya guys!

Yeah, I was a band geek too!

(Tenor sax)

Guess I can say I've seen the "BLAST" DVD from PBS... what a show!


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Just a word of caution and I only say this becasue we've had it happen at a mitzvah.

Probably a good idea to get the ok from Mom and Dad to give the drumsticks only to the adults. I'm sure you can figure out why. We've had kids throwing them, hitting each other with them etc etc.

We try to stay away from props that could possibly cause a concussion or serious injury but if we can't we have the Mom and Dad hand them out and be the ones handling it all. Takes the liability off of you if you weren't involved in the, procuring, and handing out of dangerous items.

Ohterwise that is a pretty cool concept. Wonder if they make inflatable drum sticks, like they do guitars and such. Wouldn't make the same sound but still......I'm off to find out.


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Olyn, here is something I have used for mitzvahs in my area, and it beats wooden drumsticks or other hard plastics for safety.

They make a great noise, and anyone watching the seattle Seahawks or other pro teams have seen these in use.

You can customize them for each client.


I hope I helped.
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