Do Albums (vinyl) Have Any Value?

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Mark Evans

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I got a call last night from a lady who wasn't looking for a Dj but had some Dj related questions and what it was was that her husband was a Dj back in the 70's and 80's and had a lot of albums and 12 inch disco records. She was wondering if they had value and if I knew anywhere or anyone who would want to buy the records. I wasn't sure so I told her about a few stores. Then I asked her her husbands name and when she told me I about hit the floor. He was a Dj I met in 1979 that was the 1st Dj to teach me how to mix, count tempos, set lighting to music, etc..... My 1st DJ mentor. Unfortunately he died in 2003 at age 50. Strange that she choose me out of all the DJ's online.

So are albums worth anything yet?

Steve Lynch

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Some rare examples have value, but for the most part, they do not hold a ton of value. A record can go from $20 to $2 with one little scratch. A good idea of value is $3 is the average price I pay for records in the VG+ vinyl VG+ Sleeve category. I just recently bought the entire CCR discography and paid about $22 for all of the albums. It's not about the money.. Records are not an investment, it's a love. 12" singles, the type DJ types often have are worth about 40 cents on average. It just depends on who wants it. Vinyl is like a cassette.. they get less valuable with each playing, as they do wear out. Have a few beers and start clonking records around, and your prized records can turn to a coaster in the blink of an eye. Another thing about record value is the quantity produced.. For example... Original Elvis recording is rare and pricey. The Beatles were mass produced, so pretty much everything in the discography is a $$9-10 record at best, unless it's the infamous "butcher" cover, or the debut album, which while plentiful, is rarely in good shape because kids had no idea that that album would be the start of something so epic! I might be interested in the whole lot if they're not totally cue burned and scratched up.


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nino My biz partner David also has almost all of the Ultimixes on vinyl and a lot of the Funkymixes plus a slew of other DJ records and a literal truck load of albums.


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I have so many radio promos, 12" singles, but I can't part with them. Maybe in 20 they will be worth something.
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