DJIS: Wedding cake disaster!!! I can't make this stuff up!

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In 24 years I have seen many things, but this takes the cake! :?
The bride and groom get ready for their cake cutting. The bride asks me to call the maid of honor and best man up to stand next to them. Now I'm no fool. I know where this is going. So, I call them up and they stand behind the bride and groom.
I have them cut 2 pieces and explain they will feed each other at the same time. 1 2 3.............
Smash. The groom gets the best man and bride gets the maid of honor. Everyone is laughing and all is good in the world. :lol:
Then the best man and maid of honor take some cake and smash. They get the bride and groom. Once again, everyone is laughing and all is good in the world. :lol:
Then the brother of the bride, who is toasted beyond belief walks by the scene. The groom puts a small amount of frosting on him. Every is laughing still but........ not everything is good in his world. I saw a look in his eyes like I've never seen before. :twisted:
He goes over to the wedding cake, which by the way is 3 layers with a fish bowl, filled with water and a fish! He takes the entire wedding cake in his arms. Do you see where this is going??????
Meanwhile everyone is still laughing and egging him on to " HIT the BRIDE."
So....... He takes the entire cake and decks the bride with it. Fish bowl and all. :shock:
The bride hits the floor covered everywhere with cake. There is cake on the ceiling, floor and walls of the facility. All of the sudden, the guests stopped laughing. And you could hear that pin drop.
She gets up, decks him, and storms off. The groom says, " That was stupid Billy " and he storms off.
Meanwhile, I'm standing there with the mic in my hand and jaw to the ground.
How do you follow that act?
OK, let's do the Chicken dance!
There is a happy ending to this story. 1 hour later after the bride had her fill of beverage, she was on the dance floor with her brother singing bad karaoke to " Living on a prayer - Bon Jovi."
Seems all is well in her world.

Yes, I could not finish the story without telling you the idiot brother did come up to me at 12:01 and ask for another song. When I said " sorry we are finished " he threatened to kick my ass.
I told him I'd love the opportunity but I had an important appointment at Dunkin Donuts and had to go.

The next day the groom called me to appologize for the whole fiasco. I told him he had nothing to be sorry for. He was the lucky one that at least had a piece of cake. :wink:

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I would have just stood there and laughed. What else can you do. I guess I would have played "Cut the Cake" by the AWB or "Eat It" by Weird Al.

As for the Brother, good comeback. Lately I just say "go ahead, but I'm still not playing another song" or "go ahead, I need some more money anyway".


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Maybe it's just me, but Hit Me With Your Best Shot or Friends in Low Places would have fit well here... :wink: :twisted: :roll: :idea:


At one of the first weddings I ever did (in the early 1990s), the cake cutting turned into a food fight that involved all members of the wedding party. By the time it was over, there was cake covering the floor, walls and ceiling of the function room, and 2 of the bridesmaids were topless (because their dresses had ripped when they were being chased around the room).

Nobody at the venue cared, because the bride worked there. I kept right on going as if nothing happened.

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These "work" stories are so much better to listen to when going around the circle of life with friends. I hear: Ah, the copier broke today, or I got to order 72 yards of concrete...we get to say, this BM's top fell off during the bouquet toss, or I only had 4 sets of boobbies rubbed on me for instant requests this weekend. :D


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I see this post made it into Mobile Beat Magazine. (November issue, page 8) Our own Mike Fernino is becoming a Celeb...........Has anyone noticed his head getting any bigger lately? :lol:

Just kidding Mike, you know we love ya :wink:

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Guys I was there DJing with Mike and let me tell you, I've never seen Mike speechless, or not have some kind of comeback or response. Picture Mike holding a microphone and standing there with absolutely nothing to say for at least 10 seconds. And you guys know that even 10 seconds seems like an eternity. LOL. But if you saw my face you'd have to pick my jaw up off the ground. Then of course afterwards Mike comes over and says to me, "Slow Song! Slow Song!" "How bout Wonderful Tonight". "Um I don't think it's so wonderful right now." was my response..... :lol:

Oh and afterwards the bride went head first out one door onto the porch with my microphone in hand, trying to get people to come in for the bouquet toss (which of course was after the cake disaster and nobody wanted to participate). :lol:
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