DJing & Announcing on National TV 2Night! TUNE IN TO ESPN2 for OU vs. UCONN Game

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Hi Friends,

Had a great time last week networking, learning, and buying new gear at Mobile Beat!! Great to meet up with familiar faces and new ones!!!

We'll, I'm back in Oklahoma and at the Lloyd Noble Center for the OU Women's BBALL game vs. #1 Connecticut. I am DJing during pre-game and doing the LIVE MIC emcee announcing during the game!

If you're not doing anything tonight, tune into ESPN2 at 8:00 pm for the Live National TV Broadcast! I DJ and Announce at the both Mens & Women's Games throughout the season unless I have an event or out of town.

You can follow my live TWEETS during the game at . I usually keep my followers updated with OU Basketball games with my tweets. It's a great marketing tool to get basketball fans to follow me and thus, more people I can market to with TWITTER!

It should be a great game!!! OU is ranked #11 and UCONN is ranked #1. It's also PACK the PLACE PINK Night for Breast Cancer Awareness!!


Mark Evans

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Very cool SCG. I do announcing at the high school level and it's still fun and exiting to watch.


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Very sweet, SCG! I used to do stadium anncg for college baseball and did radio color commentary for college football and mens/womens college basketball.

Hope you have a packed pink house!


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Ive done a few NHL old timer games. Great fun. I would play music between puck drops and announce goals and such.

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