DJ Trivia... ever hear of it

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dj Vecchio

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Hey every 1
I came across this event called DJ trivia
I was wondering if any 1 has heard of it or even seen it.
I went to a restaurant and had a fun time
I wanted to look into doing this myself but cannot seem to be able to contact the people who came up with this trivia game that was run that particular night. I went to the Dj trivia web site and posted several emails
no 1 has replied back so I thought I might get somewhere here.
any help as to how to contact these people would be appreciated



Uh, My Real Name is Jay.
A fellow DJ/KJ I went to school with does those Trivia Shows. I haven't seen him do one in person yet, but it sounds like he's basically doing a Mobile Game Show.


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I'm a DJ Trivia affiliate

I am the DJ Trivia affiliate in a 4 county area in North Carolina. Mark Wilkins is one of the owners,
phone is 404-783-2222 or

I started in April of last year and we now do 26 shows per week. It is, without a doubt, the best
thing I have ever done.

Rick Good


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I missed an opportunity to go to an event last night. Spoke to a DJ/KJ friend from the area that told me they have them there bi-weekly, so I am going to make an effort to attend one real soon. I have incorporated "trivia" as a part of my gigs for years, based on some books / cards available at places like Party City and such, but an "actual"setup might be something I could do very well here in a tourist area.


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I was beaten to it, but Mark is the one to talk to.

As an aside, I have worked some of his trivia events in town before he kicked off this venture and even seen him do events when I was at WNGC in Athens, GA. He is what the south calls "good people".

If you do not get a response from him, let me know and I will call him for you.
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