DJ question for past/present military personnel

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First and foremost....of course I respect the military, I've never been in it, but try to do what ever I can for them. I do believe I am the only local wedding pro that offers discounts, no overtime charges,...basically throwing in the kitchen sink.
With most weddings, I do eventually write up a nice article with pictures on my FB Business Page. Generally I write about unique items/events that made each event special. The pics are long shots, and I try very much to avoid faces for privacy reasons (even of the b&g).

2 things.....
*So with this wedding we had an "alligator dance" with all the Sergeants on the floor. I took a photo (long shot) of this. They were dressed in military ("blues"), but all had their jackets & hats off for this dance.
* The Groom made me honorary Captain. The highest rank in attendance was Lt. I guess that made me "in charge" I did not play up this role, but did mention I was just made honorary Captain between songs.

Would the two side stories above be in any way disrespectful if I added them to my story?

I figure I better ask before I print. The B&G loved me, however I did get taken out to the woodshed for playing Gangnam Style (groom said artist was a commie, although the Bride was dancing to it).
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I'll assume this was a Marine Corps wedding, judging by your description. Two things:

1. The "Field Commission" is most likely not valid outside that function. ;)

2. As for the pics, they had their "blouses" and "covers" off, (the proper terminology for those particular hats & jackets), and as such were out of uniform. I would ask the Groom if he'd mind if you used the pics... most won't care, but some people enjoy acting as the official Richard Cranium!

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As Ken has stated I would definitely ask for permission to post the pics or any comments, as they were out of uniform. This could get tricky depending on their unit.


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The uniform isn't indicative of branch. I had "blues" when I was in the Army. I actually had to rent a set of "Mess Whites" once.

The fact that they were out of uniform WOULD be a question for their commander. It could be construed the same as if they were among family and friends in their own homes, as it was a closed / invitational event out of the public eye. PUBLISHING that event COULD change that.

The "field promotion", (unless you are or at least were), a service member, (of the same branch), is "nice" but not at all valid unless conferred by a command grade officer.

The "Gagnam" issue is what points me to the fact that the crowd was, in fact, Marines. While he is anti-US, his direct salvos were directaed at the USMC. I don't play him AT ALL regardless. I substitute one of the parodies.


I have been to and Djed for many military events over my 27 years of service. The uniform thing is no big deal unless they left the event and went out in public still out of uniform or in a highly drunk state.

I can remember one event in Germany where we had a dinning out, our entire platoon took off jackets and put on hawaian shirts, we gave one to the COL and the General, they smilled and did the same, for the rest of the night there was no uniform policy.

There are no longer in the field, even combat promotions available. A 4 star general can not even give you an in the field promotion, so they were just making you feel as one of the boys.

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Yes they sound like a pack of Devildogs partying with the brown bagger! Bellying up to slop chute for some tiger piss! OO RAH! Paul


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Thanks for the replies. I wanted to avoid asking, but it appears the risk outweighs everything. By the way,,,the "promotion" from"DJ" to "Captain D" was just in jest (I never barked orders). When I referred to "dress blues" I was using general terminology. I do believe there were a few branches represented by the different colored jackets. That really bothered me growing up,..... I could not accept the fact that Major Nelson had a different colored jacket that Major Healy (I Dream Of Jeannie). I was young and just figured they had a choice on what color they could wear lol. For the record, I never questioned what Jeannie wore.
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