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A wise old Indian reflects on Daylight Savings Time!

"Only white man would believe you could cut off top of blanket; sew it to bottom of blanket and have longer blanket."


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From the Anchorage Daily News

"A bill repealing daylight saving time in Alaska is on its way to the state Senate.

It passed the House 22-15 Wednesday."

If it goes through, we will join Arizona and Hawaii as the only states not recognizing DST.
DST needs to be done away with across the country as the only thing it does is cause politicians to waste time debating the pros and con if not what time zone should we be in, instead of doing something constructive that really solves something!

Chuck Amstone

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I have a story to share regarding DST.

One of my guys had a gig that weekend of the clock change and got to the event, setup and started jamming. At 10:00 he realized everyone was leaving and decided to ask the contact person what happened. There reply was the party was over at 11:00 and he replied it's only 10:00. No the client said, it's 11:00. Feeling stupid, my DJ realized the clock on his PC didn't change as he was running an hour behind.

Patrick Smiley

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There reply was the party was over at 11:00 and he replied it's only 10:00

Does that mean he started an hour late and nobody said anything?

BTW it's Daylight Saving Time, there are no savings.
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