Dance coach fired over 'Blurred Lines' routine Unspecified complaints cost Wisconsin

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Dance coach fired over 'Blurred Lines' routine
Unspecified complaints cost Wisconsin high school coach her job
Problem #1 - I hate "unspecified" ... and similar evil cousin "anonymous"

Seriously - think about our little world of DJing, and for this exercise, I really want us to picture a fun wedding reception...

Before I can decide to play a request or not, I MUST know WHO wants to hear it. That fun and pretty group of the bride's friends who already dancing to everything ? Absolutely! Some guy who I have never seen before the wedding party, or on the dance floor - in fact - did he just crash this party from his sad sack person convention next door? Probably not.

How can people make life and death (hiring/firing) decisions on "unspecified" and the like.

Way too reactionary and politically correct for my taste....
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Tim English

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People need to lighten up. These are the same type of people who thought Dungeons and Dragons and heavy metal music would make us kill our parents. These people need to find some business of their own, and mind it.

Of course, this opinion only stands if the teacher used a radio edited song, and assuming the dancing wasn't any more racy than the sample that was shown in the story.

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Well she will probably never have to work again when her lawyer gets involved. There is absolutely no reasoning for that. I have heard schools play much more racier songs than that and the fact they cleaned up the song to be cleaner than the radio edit shows she made an extra effort to keep it family friendly. Then after the game the kids got into there cars blasting unedited Drake songs.


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Obviously SOMEONE has read about the sexist nature of the song and video,
and felt that song should be added to the "banned" list, and burned along with all the bad books.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if ALL of the protest came from one disgruntled human being...who just happens to have enough power to get their way.
They talk about following protocols and guidelines...
but I doubt that those protocols include firing someone without explaining why (in detail) or giving them the chance to defend themselves.
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