Crappy phone video, but neat execution

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Steve Lynch

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Our 13th prom of the season was Saturday night, and with a limited budget of only $4500, They spent nothing on decor, so we decided to just play with some of our new toys... we dolled up the event with about 85 Cinco Par Ultra Up Lights, and programmed them to match on both floors. It was pretty cool.

This was pretty basic stuff, but I just thought the 2 levels looked neat!

We ran all wireless audio, and DMX.

We only used extension cords, and cat 5 for HDMI.

It was an hour in, and an hour out.

Like I said, this is a really super basic prom, but they were thrilled.

P.s. I know the bottom left light was a little out of sync. They placed 3 metal trash and recycling cans directly between the light and us. I noticed that shortly after the kids started coming in, and fixed it.


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Awesome display - but, to me, the real kudos go for doing something special and making it great for the kids.
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