Coming to Atlanta next week? Here's a short tutorial...

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For those of you coming into the city, here is a short tutorial on what to expect...

- Pack for both warm and cold days. This is the time of the year our weather changes from one minute to the next. My garden is evidence of that. I planted all of my spring annuals, and a rare late season frost just about killed them and made us dig out the Uggs to keep our feet warm.

- Food: Atlanta is one of the foodie capitols of the world. Reataurants are scattered, but there is a killer brazilian steakhouse near the hotel (along with some chain ones). Almost every place either requires reservations or call-ahead seating! The more popular the place, the greater the wait, especially during dinnertime.

If you love food, Google the Buckhead Life restaurant group. You will not be disappointed!

If you want to go to Ray's On the River, they are closed for the next few months, so don't go!

- Traffic: If you do not live in California or NYC, you have not seen a traffic jam. Morning from 7a to 9a, and from 4:30p to about 7p are especially bad times to drive around town. The 285/75 and 285/400 interchanges are especially nasty, so plan your trips accordingly. If you do travel during rush hour, build in extra time, at least 30 minutes from what Mapquest says.

Gas is about $2.65 a gallon as I write this, but has been known to spike ten or fifteen cents a gallon overnight around here.

Also, the Atlanta metro area is HUGE, and about 50 miles from one side to the other. If you are going somewhere, GET DIRECTIONS!

- Nightlife: There are neighborhood places near the hotel, and there are a few party buses that can be rented. Some places of note include the Buckhead party district (although last call is now 2am), Underground Atlanta (not a great recommendation, but it's there), or Wild Bill's up in Duluth at Pleasant Hill and I-85.

- Other: The Thrashers are in the Stanley Cup playoofs for the first time ever, so hockey is a possibility. The Braves play Florida on Sunday the 15th, then hit the road until they play Chicago Wed. night. The Hawks are sucking wind and I don't do basketball, but are also a possibility.

Of course, some non-sport stuff includes the Georgia Aquarium (absolute must see, and they have a ballroom that I love to play events in), CNN Center tour, the WSB AM/FM/TV tour if you call ahead to arrange it, Six Flags, and some other smaller items.

Avoid: Downtown Atlanta after dark unless you are in a large group, the Margaret Mitchell house, rush hour, pollen (ask anyone who lives in GA about it), and panhandlers.

That's about it. I look forward to seeing everyone next week!!


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I was just in Atlanta over the weekend and spent time with my good friend Mr. & Mrs. Durio --- Friday evening we witnessed what I called "almost snow" lol - During my Saturday trip to the Atlanta Zoo I got to see the "Worlds Greatest Kid Party DJ" or at least that's what he said lolol - William also stated he has NEVER been to an industry trade show - I recommended he attend Mobile Beat and he was very interested in the Computer DJ Summit this November.

Have fun in Atlanta guys - I won't be in for the Bruce event but it's on the schedule for us to be in Atlanta the following week.

---sidebar--- I agree that the Georgia Aquarium is an absolute must see, and they have a great ballroom with a view to drown for. :D


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If you want a fantastic dining experience, go across 285 Eastbound (across the top end) , take 400 north to the Mansell Road exit (about 8-10 miles north on 400). Left on Mansell, right at second light is Ray's Killer Creek. It's owned by the same Ray as Ray's On The River. Fantastic food (steaks, seafood, and American cuisine) and service in a chophouse atmosphere. The service is top notch. Expect to spend $$$.

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I also run monster karaoke shows every night but Sunday, so I expect to see a few folks out for some fun...

you can't come to Atlanta, and not sing with me....



If anything, it's a good chance to see a little video mixing with virtual dj, maybe some timecode, the Bose system used in a large venue, and see firsthand it's strengths, and limitations..

just an option if anyone wants to come out... my monday and tuesday shows are right around the perimeter area...


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if you swing by the local Cheeseburger in Paradise at Peremiter (less than 10 minutes from the hotel), they use a Bose system for their live performances.

I must say, it sounds pretty good!

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Bill, just for everyone's knowledge, Wild Bills is only open Wednesday through Saturday, otherwise, I'd reserve us the VIP! :twisted:

I look forward to meeting you and others as well!!


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Atlantians : Thank you for all your recommendations and hospitality offers.

I'm getting in Sunday mid-afternoon (3:49pm arrival), renting a car, and heading to the hotel straightaway. Check in, make sure our product has arrived, and then... wide open.

Would love to get together with as many folks, pre-convention style, as would like to get together (shades of Cromwell, Niagara Falls, and Nashville).

WARNING! Love to toddy heartily. Aboslut-ly! Love wide-open round table impromptu think tanks. Will sing Mississippi Squirrel Revival and Ring Of Fire on karaoke when sloshed (and don't say you weren't warned in advance).

If someone has a time and place suggestion, please post it keeping in mind us poor ignorant yankees get lost in our own neighborhoods.

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Cool! I actually live in Buford Ga.

this is a northern suburb of Atlanta, located in Gwinnett County.

Kev, will you be staying up this way?

Cap, when are you coming in?

I look forward to meeting alot of you who I haven't previously met.
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