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512 LED'S WITH RBGA COLOR MIXING . . . $ 349.00


192 10mm LEDS WITH RBG COLOR MIXING . . $ 199.00

P64L & P64S



192 10mm LEDS WITH RBG COLOR MIXING . . . $ 139.00

Now accepting reservations.

Paul Beardmore

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The Chauvet - is there more than one?? LOL

I am just curious if this generation of lights you just posted is brighter than everything else?



That's called the Colorstrip. Names are important when asking for a comparison since there are so many units flooding the market and each is a bit different. The Stage Bar, Mega Bar, Octo Strip, LED Pro Bar, ELED Strip, EXBar, VBar, etc.

Are my new fixtures brighter than everything else? No. Will they be brighter than anything else at the price point? I believe so.

Take for example out LEDSPLASH10. As you can see it looks just like Chauvet's Colorsplash 200B, however the 200B uses 5mm LEDs and ours will have the same number of 10mm LEDs. Ergo, twice as bright for about the same price.

To put it in perspective, our P64S will have the same output as ADJ's 64 LED Pro. Take a look.

The ADJ fixture MAPs at $ 299.95 and ours will sell for $ 149.00

We're doing our best to offer the latest technology at rock bottom pricing. There's no need to pay for all the hype.

CJ Greiner

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I definitely like the price-point of those LED Par 64s...

I do prefer the ADJ Par 64 Pros simply due to their gel frame and digital DMX selector. I wonder about the pre-programmed shows too.

I should also mention that I've put the ADJ Par 64 Pros with 10mm LEDs up against an OmniSistem Par 64 Pros with 10mm LEDs, and the ADJ Pars were much brighter. Hopefully these Visual Effects lights will do better -- I couldn't find any other info on them with a quick search of the web -- looking in the wrong place?


Hank and I are working on this LED line together. These were the first factory samples for my evaluation. Only about half of the samples were acceptable and I've made a few suggestions on some of the ones pictured.

I've had the Par 64 Pro's in our showroom and these will certainly give them a run for the money.


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Bill, I am interested in the long LED par can - especially at that price.... I will be interested in seeing some specs or picture comparisons. I was looking at getting more weidamark cans but you got me re thinking my strategy. I can picture using that long can for concerts a back lights, with the LED's farther up in the can you won't see the individual LEDs doing the color mixing....

very incising... Please keep us posted... When do you think you will be able to offer these fixtures?


The first order is in place and production has started. We should be shipping in late spring/early summer.

As I mentioned in the original post, we are accepting reservations.*

* No charges will take place until we are ready to ship and you will be emailed for confirmation before being charged.

CJ Greiner

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Hi Bill -- a few questions about the design:

  • Will it have the CE (or some other) mark?
    Will you have black, or just silver?
    Will you have pre-programmed shows for master-slave operation?
    How are DMX settings controlled, by dipswitches or LED display?
    Are the pre-programmed shows & color mixing available by DMX?



Yes, no, probably. :roll:

Some of the fixtures feature LED displays, most don't.

All have internal programs.

We'll have preprogrammed systems available as soon as we can, but it will take some time.

They will be CE stamped at a minimum.


Did I say THIS Wednesday. :lol:

The fixtures are on the water and should arrive in about three weeks. More than half of the container is already sold.
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