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Hey gang,

In the coming days, we will undoubtedly learn of fellow DJs, family members, colleagues, friends, and many who have been affected by this storm in some way.

This thread is designed to keep information about those of us who are donating time to fundraisers, working with charities, going into the regions, or are looking to form a plan to provide help.

We are all saddened and shocked by the devistation across LA, MS, and AL.

Whatever you are doing, would like to do, of if you need help, post it here.

On behalf of all of us at ProDJ, we wish you and those affected well.


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Northward Bound

I and 3 other men are traveling to Mobile, AL on Thursday for 5 days to help where we can, patching holes, fixing walls, and providing water. We are loading up my trailer with water, tarps, nails, power tools, generators, and an air mattress or two.


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I am effected by this for an event this Saturday. My groom has family members that were going to fly in from New Orleans but are now faced with this tragedy and the cleanup ahead. The wedding is still taking place, but loved ones will be missed as they cannot travel. This includes the Grooms Mother.
Supporting the Red Cross is probably the most important thing right now.

Bill Goode mentioned (what would you like to do?) So here goes one idea.

In December 2001 President Bush declared September 11 as Patriot Day which is to be observed every year from now on and this year it falls on a Sunday. Most of us could supply our services for either a dance or sound systems for a community fund raiser in support of the Red Cross and their efforts on the Gulf Coast.

Since Patriot Day is pretty close we'd need plenty of support from TV and radio to promote the event quickly.

I'd happily donate my time and I feel I have many contacts that would jump on board.

If we had a great response from DJ's willing to organize an event in their city we might be able to call the effort something like "DJ's For America"

or "Patriot Day USA"....any ideas for a title?

I'll leave it at that for now and see what happens as far as response goes.



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Hurricane Katrina and Relief for Fellow Disc Jockeys

Bill, It's great that you put up this thread. This has been on my mind all day and I want to thank Ryan for including this.

I am trying to help. I started a page which covers the facts of the storm, regions effected, ideas for helping other djs, pictures and more at:

I'm promoting this from my homepage and also have a link back to this topic on the ProDJ board, so that hopefully we'll get some involvement back and forth.


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If you're not into supporting the lavish lifestyle of a fabulously wealthy 'charity' that spends millions on executive paychecks, (Oooooh, another disaster, PLEASE send us CASH only, so we can have bonuses!!!), I would like to suggest donations to Salvation Army (you can donate on their website, and you can designate that it goes to Katrina relief) or your local churches.

More refugees are arriving here this morning. They need shelter, food, clothing, toiletries, and all the everyday necessities. Locals and churches are doing all possible to accomodate these folks. But for the Grace of God, it could have been any of us.
Like I mentioned in another thread (no one responded, oh well) we've (Scott Productions) been ask to provide complete sound reinforcement for a community wide prayer/praise gathering this coming Sunday to raise money for the relief efforts.

Since I found out this afternoon, the event has been scheduled to be held at the Forum in downtown Rome. Being the Labor Day weekend, we could have 500 people show up or have 5,000 people show up:

Sixteen local churches and two colleges are joining together to pray and raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The interdenominational praise service will be held Sunday 6 p.m. at The Forum.

Money raised at the event will go to Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, which has already begun relief efforts in areas affected by the storm.

Churches involved include First Baptist of Rome, Corner-stone of Rome, Sherwood Forest Baptist, Hollywood Baptist, First United Methodist of Rome, Calvary Baptist, New and Living Way Bible Church, Northside, West Rome Baptist, Lovejoy Baptist, Thankful Baptist, Bryant Chapel Baptist, First Presbyterian, North Rome Church of God, North Broad Baptist and Fellowship Baptist. Berry and Shorter College are also involved with the event.
Also with the city of Rome, the city's housing authority is bringing in 46+ homeless families from the area. Three families showed up tonight. Donations are being accepted for basic living needs.

The scheduled "First Friday" concert with the fab four "Beatless" to be held at the plaza in downtown Rome, has now been turned into a "fill the truck" event.

The parent company, HCA, that owns the hospital I work for announced today that they have donated $2 million to the Red Cross and that employees (clinical & surgical staff) wishing to help may do so by working things out with Human Resources. HCA had several hospitals down south that were affected.

Get involved. :lol:


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I have plans that Sunday, but if you need additional equipment to borrow for the day, let me know and plan to come down to Alpharetta early that morning to get what you need.
Thank you so much Bill. I'll keep your offer in mind as I hear more details about the event.

Tulane Hospital is one of our hospitals (HCA) in downtown New Orleans. Besides the many patients left in the hospital, we have 1200 employees, doctors, and family members remaining at the hospital. Two other HCA hospitals in the immediate area are Lakeside and Lakeview which are currently running on backups with no plans to evacuate.

This news really hits close to home since the HCA family of hospitals tries to take care of one another and its associates. HCA has establish the HCA Hope Fund to help its own employees and its families in need.
Wow! This just in on my desk at 2:24PM EST:

Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 2, 2005 – HCA (NYSE: HCA) Twenty helicopters hired by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) have completed the evacuation of patients and staff from Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, which began four days ago following Hurricane Katrina. The evacuation included close to 200 patients and over 1,200 employees and staff. HCA leadership, coordinating with Gov. Blanco’s office, has offered the 20 helicopters at its expense to assist with the evacuation of nearby Charity Hospital’s two facilities, as well as University Medical Center, which are not affiliated with HCA. As many as 50 Charity Hospital patients, some severely ill and on ventilators, have already been evacuated by HCA.

The evacuation process has consisted of a constant airlift using privately-contracted Blackhawk helicopters, Medi-vacs, passenger helicopters, and, with cooperation from government authorities, Chinook military aircraft. With each arrival, the helicopters dropped 750 pounds of food, water and medical supplies, filling the choppers with people for their return runs to the New Orleans airport, where buses wait ready to transport healthy individuals to shelter locations in Lafayette. Now the buses are taking people to HCA’s Lakeview Hospital in Covington. Some patients have been transferred to hospitals in the area, and, in an effort to alleviate the local burden, others were transported to HCA facilities in Texas and Florida.

HCA has dozens of staff on the ground in New Orleans coordinating evacuation and relief efforts. Many have been in place since Katrina hit. Others, flown in on private aircraft from other HCA hospital locations, have arrived to support nursing and supply efforts in the area. Another 170 nurses are on stand-by through “All About Staffing”, HCA’s internally-run temporary nurse staffing organization. As the Tulane operation begins to wind down, the 20 helicopters the company had hired to assist in evacuating patients and staff are being maintained at HCA’s expense to assist with the evacuations from Charity’s two hospitals. Blackhawk helicopters will be used by HCA to provide food, water, and medical supplies for Charity Hospital’s patients and staff. Some 150 employees from Chalmette were taken to an HCA-managed makeshift shelter in Lafayette.

“This situation demands we all do everything we can to help one another. We have use of these services, so it only makes sense that we keep these helicopters under contract in the air and provide help to other hospitals as best we can,” said Jack O. Bovender, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HCA.

Earlier this week, HCA announced $2 million in cash donations, half of which would go to the American Red Cross for relief efforts, the other half to HCA’s Hope Fund, to assist HCA personnel who have lost homes and belongings in the disaster. The company has pledged to maintain all 3,800 employees in the area on full salary indefinitely, and to arrange for them to find employment with other HCA facilities. Three other HCA hospitals in the region have been affected by the storm: all patients and staff from Lakeside Hospital in Metairie, Louisiana were evacuated earlier in the week; operations remain intact at both Garden Park Medical Center, in Gulfport, Mississippi and and Lakeview Regional Medical Center, where evacuated patients and employees from Tulane are now being sent.

HCA is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services, composed of locally managed facilities that include approximately 190 hospitals and 90 outpatient surgery centers in 23 states, England and Switzerland. At its founding in 1968, Nashville-based HCA was one of the nation’s first hospital companies.
I edited the orginal message so I could post the actual news release. I though it was very exciting.

DJ Bill Lage

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Fellow DJ's...

I was watching the news the last two days and decided that I needed to do something!!

So...I bought some domain names and threw up a website to help collect donations and have links to news.

These sites are all currently pointing to the same site but hopefully they will all be developed (if I have any time) to something more.

Bottom line, I am not collecting money nor profiting off of this. I am only made these sites to POINT people who WANT to help to places they can.

I am praying for everyone who lost someone, who lost everything, who have no where to go or who are still trying to connect with their loved ones.

If you can donate...please do. If not...please do what you can. This is my donation and hopefully it will help some!

DJ Bill Lage

PS: I will add some of the links in this post to my site...just trying to do my part! Thanks!
Friday, September 2, 2005 4:33PM EST I have to report this because since HCA is the big daddy hospital corporation, you will never hear this in the news and you will never hear who was actually responsible:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As of approximately 12: 30 PM CDT today, we have successfully evacuated everyone from our Tulane Hospital in New Orleans. This not only includes all our patients, staff, doctors, and families, but also up to 50 critically ill patients from Charity Hospital. In total, we had 231 helicopter landings during the evacuation. We had planned to continue our evacuation operation from the parking garage roof at Tulane ( the only functioning landing zone in the immediate area) for the benefit of Charity Hospital, which can only be reached from Tulane by boat. However, those plans had to be suspended because of reported rioting at the Superdome and Charity's inability to secure the evacuation routes. At that point, we flew our remaining people from the parking garage (Mel Lagarde, our division president, two ham radio operators, a helicopter flight director, and a U.S. marine) and shut down operations at Tulane. We have told officials at Charity Hospital we are holding on to our contracted helicopters and will deploy them for their use if and when they are able to start evacuating...

...Just as I completed the above, we received a call from Charity Hospital; they are ready to begin their evacuation. We are sending helicopters in to take out about 21 more of their patients.

All of our colleagues who have been evacuated are either enroute from the New Orleans airport to Lafayette, in our shelters at Lafayette, at our Lakeview Hospital in Covington, or have been flown out of the area to other cities.

We are continuing to fly nurses and other clinical personnel from our All About Staffing operations across the country into our hospitals in Lafayette, Covington, Alexandria, Gulfport, and Houston. We are also sending additional senior management resources into the area to relieve our hospital leadership teams.

There are no adequate words to express our admiration and appreciation for the dedication and self sacrifice of our colleagues in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. They have bravely faced the most horrific conditions imaginable and through it all provided uncompromising care to their patients. Likewise, all the colleagues we mobilized throughout the company, from corporate through the divisions, have worked tirelessly to provide their fellow employees on the front lines with all the resources they needed to carry on. Although we know anything we say is inadequate, we thank all of you for this incredible achievement.

Since all of our folks are safe and accounted for at this time, I will sign off for now, wishing those of you who will be able to enjoy the upcoming holiday a great weekend, but recognizing that in our business, many of you will be soldiering on, caring for others as many enjoy this much-needed break. Barring any additional upsets, I will be back with another update on Tuesday.


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Red cross WAS first on the scene. Regardless of how they run their charity, they are helping in ways that NOONE else has been able to. I am not trying to start a flame war or anything, but regardless of your political views, they have helped save lives.

Help any way you can....yes.
Spew politically biased garbage....PLEASE NO!

The Red Cross is saving lives. That's more than I am doing right now.


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No political views in this thread please. This thread is to help coordinate our donation efforts, bring us news of recovery efforts, and/or let us know if DJs or their families need help.

Thank you.

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ok i saw alot of negative talk about the red cross.....i just want to clear a few things up since i've been working with them.

1) we were the first on the scene
2) we can only work with what we have, in the early days getting supplies into the city was the hardest aspect of rescue operations, as time went on supply lines increased.
3) Thousands of people did receive aid in the early stages, however the news will always report the negative before the positives.
4) once the violance started and the volunteers had no protection from police and national guard we had no choice but to pull out for a short time.
5) there were mistakes made but the fact of the matter is this.....we were still able to keep the death toll fairly low considering a disaster of this size, We were able to keep the hospitals going to some degree, and everyone has to remember it was not just New Orleans that was hit, 3 states, the total area affected was larger than the entire island of great britain, i don't care how much man power you have, there is no way to cover that much ground and have the ability to have your resources evenly distributed. The areas that were the most accessable had more supplies, simply b/c we were able to get them in. Road ways, Airports, Seaports etc were all out of commission in New Orleans. We did not have thousands of helicopters. nor were all of them deligated to supply, alot were still deligated to S&R in the early stages. Mistakes were made and the red cross and fema and all organizations involved learned something, but we need to focus on the positives. Look at the response rate to this disaster compared to the Tsuenami. I think we did a bang up job compared to that. National guard should have been there sooner to restore order but i blame the local leaders for not maintaining a level of order. The Mayor and Governor could have done much more than they did to keep things under control

Either way its time to open our hearts and homes to the displaced Brothers and Sisters out there.



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scottyd said:
I am effected by this for an event this Saturday. My groom has family members that were going to fly in from New Orleans but are now faced with this tragedy and the cleanup ahead. The wedding is still taking place, but loved ones will be missed as they cannot travel. This includes the Grooms Mother. update to my situation from my most recent wedding. The Grooms Mother was located, and is now in a safe zone, however the grooms Father and Brother are still missing and have not been heard from or seen since last Tuesday. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Blatcher Family.


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As I posted in another thread I am rounding up all kinds of "need" items and taking them to places here in Houston that have families in need. I am not just going to the Astrodome as there are shelters that are in need just as bad. If anyone has items to send that they want to make sure gets to a family in need then please shoot me a email or call.

713-875-8914 or email me at


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Chicago efforts...

I have sent several large shipments of clothes, canned goods and water to Houston.
But the biggest thing I am trying to put together here in Chicago is a benifit event. I have over a dozen DJ's & performers willing, able, and eager to volunteer their services and equipment if needed all for free, but I have been unable to locate a co-operative venue. If anyone in Chicago has any connections to any respectable & hopefully compassionate venues please shoot me an email at or call (773)392-4969


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I noticed a lot of you are opening your homes to people in need. If you are, visit this site and add your home.

One of the major developers is a friend of mine and fellow DJ. It's been getting some national press so if you post your place here it might actually get used.
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