Class reunions being cancelled left & right.

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My DJ company does a pretty good business with class reunions. Being that my partner & I were both club jocks in the general area back in the 80's, it kinda makes sense. Anyway, all but one of our class reunions have canceled so far this year due to lack of attendance. Let me be clearer, they didn't just cancel us as the DJ's, they canceled the whole reunion.

I was wondering if any other jocks were experiencing this phenomena. -Z-


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SteveZ -

In my area, reunions have never been big as it is such a high transition and population turnover area. Personally I think its due to the fact we have the hub of big government right down the road.

What I have noticed for reunions, is that due to the high numbers of 'demographic transplants', many of the high schools are combining multiple classes into one larger reunion. I just booked a big one for Sep '09 that includes a local high school for classes 1956 thru 1969. I also have another for my high school for classes 1963-1969 (I graduated in 1963). The organizations are appropriately named "Alumni Associations."


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Thus far I have had 2 reunions, 3 weddings and 1 company picnic cancel this summer. Large retainer makes me not sweat about it.

Since the cancellations I have filled 4 of the 6 dates. It's like bonus money when they cancel and you refill the date.


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If anything, I have seen an uptick in class reunion business.

Perhaps there are some additional items that can be offered to increase class reunion bookings?


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I've only had one reunion this year, last year I had 4 booked and two cancelled.


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We usually have 1 or 2 reunions a year. I think this year we have 3 on the books. Most of them don't want to pay our rates. And they are usually smaller schools anyway. East Texas has a ton of small town high schools. Reunions are flaky...and I now require deposits from them when booking.

I lost one in early June because I did not call the contact directly. Instead, I was emailing her, which is the way she initally contacted me. Had she booked, I would have made $70 bucks and subbed it out. but, she booked with a friend of mine, who rented my karokae gear from me for $200 and passed that along to her. So it worked out in my favor.


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I've had two cancel this year...

The second one decided to forgo the hotel, the dinner, etc. to meet at a bar and hang out (a ten year reunion).

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I did 2 last year that went pretty well. I have had some cancel in the past though. I think right now with the economy down people just don't have the extra money to do this PLUS with so many people relocating it makes it even more expensive to get people back to the area. We have our 30th next month and kept this in mind. Instead of a huge event at large hall we went with a pretty nice bar and rented the upstairs. Cost is $20 a person and an open bar. I think we will get a pretty good turnout.


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I've never spoken with a class reunion committee or decision make that has a respectable budget for entertainment.

There's lots of work out there if your price is low enough.

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I'm possibly taking on the roll (we'll find out on Friday July 10th) of our Reunion's "Executive Committee Chairman", as I'm putting together the reunion committee and finding students - so that we can have a reunion next year.... I hope there's no an issue with attendance!
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