Christian Artists For Sweet 16

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The daughter and her parents have requested a mix of Christian artists to go along with the Top 40 requests (could be interesting...). The groups they listed were: Skillet, Rend Collective, New Boys, and 33 Miles.

What are your experiences dealing with Christian music at an event, and what did you find yourself playing from the genre?


I do dances for a local Christian HS. When I get request for Christian Artist I try and use a few inspirational upbeat songs during the early part of the dance as folks are arriving. I then use a few of the slower ballads as slow songs later in the event.
Thank you @oldschooldj! I ended up playing most of the Christian music at the beginning as the kids started to arrive. Mixed it up with some Country music too. As for the rest of the night, the birthday girl and her friends pretty much only wanted Top 40. Event was very spread out and in multiple rooms. They opened up the gym for basketball, had a photo booth, finger food table, pool table, and the dance area. Needless to say, I felt like I was playing to an empty room most of the night because there was so much going on.


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The group listed above as New Boys is in all likelihood Newsboys. I think New Boys (New Boyz) are rappers who do a song called Better With The Lights Off. :) Prob. not what they want. Newsboys are a very popular Christian group. The biggest Newsboys song is God's Not Dead. As for the other artists listed, just research their most popular songs, and give them a listen ahead of time to see which ones are upbeat and which ones might just put people to sleep. ;)

Here are some of my favorite Contemp. Christian songs that have played heavily on my local Contemp. Christian station. Give them a listen, you might even like them.
Newsboys: God's Not Dead, He Reigns
Tobymac: Me Without You, Eye On It (Big time dance music song), City On Our Knees, Lose My Soul, Steal My Show.
Matthew West: Hello, My Name Is
Third Day: Sing A Song (One of my all time favorite songs)
Mandisa: Overcomer, Stronger
Mary Mary: Shackles :)
Kirk Franklin: Stomp
Francesca Battistelli: Free To Be Me, This Is The Stuff :)
Group 1 Crew: Keys To The Kingdom
Steven Curtis Chapman: Dive
Skillet: Not Gonna Die
33 Miles: One Life To Love


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Doh! Too Late. Oh well, listen to them anyways. There's some pretty good stuff in my list.


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I've been getting the RPM disc since 1996 and over the years, have accumulated quite a bit of Christian music....and an happy to report lots of it is quite danceable.

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Mobile Beat issue #159 (Nov 2014) has an article on page 24 with a list of Contemporary Christian music for dinner... perhaps looking into some of the artists listed will reveal some danceable tracks?


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I know I'm extremely late to the show but another good hit with the younger crowd is Chris Tomlin - God's Great Dance Floor. Now that I'm writing this my mind went blank. I actually have had a lot of Christian music requests lately. Not sure if it's the upbeat tone or what the change is. Also a new one people keep thinking isn't Carrie Underwood is Something In The Water. They refer to it as play that water one from that new Christian singer, then I tell them Carrie Underwood and they say no it's not her...
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