Chicago DJs Raise $1000 for Katrina Victims

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Chris Wagner

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The Chicago ADJA, a chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association, launched a campaign to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims through its website and at monthly meetings. Chicago DJs were asked to donate a small contribution of $20-50 towards a special fund set up to benefit the local chapter of the American Red Cross. 100% of the funds collected will go the Red Cross.

Since the fund was established on 9/3/05, Chicago DJs have rallied to contribute $1000 towards the fund and provide relief to all those in need as a result of the catastrophic storm. DJs are encouraged to visit and follow the link to donate to the cause or bring a check to the next Chicago ADJA meeting.

To contact the Chicago Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association, visit their website at to learn about the local chapter, meeting dates, and contribute to the disaster fund.

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To learn more about ADJA's Victim Relief fund, look at or contact the national office.

Paul Compton

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Absolutely awesome.

Great job guys and from a person with family down there that lost their homes....Thank you so much.

I was going to post a thread about this but decided not to as I did not want any spotlight on me. I did nothing here except tell people what is going on down there and the bride and grooms wishes.

I did a 120 person wedding last weekend and the Bride had told me that they wanted to donate all of the earnings from the dollar dances to the relief. The money they raised was going to be matched from the mother of the brides job (National City Mortgage). When this was brought up the manager of one of the large auto dealers here stood up and said that they would match it as well. I almost cried as people came up and had stacks of 20s and even 100s to dance. Maybe 70 people came up to dance and they raised $1,200. The Manager of the dealership came up and wrote a check for $1,300 making the total $2,500. National City will then match that making it $5,000 all from a small wedding and one girls wish to help out. It blows my mind how people can keep giving and giving and giving. I am a flipping jerk with my money and do not do much with it.

Chris people like you guys are what makes our country still great. Thanks for caring enough to give till it hurts and help those in need. To all of the people on here and everywhere else that has given to my family, friends, and neighbors down south, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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Being from New Orleans and now being displaced, all I can say is "Thank you".

"Thank you, thank you, thank you".

God bless.

Bryan Foley

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What a wonderful job you did.

This is a true example of leaders of our association setting an example to their peers that each and every one of us can make a difference.

Your chapter has achieved fantastic results in just over a year and your group is surely one that other chapters throughout the country should follow as a positive example.

Wonderful Job Chicagoland ADJA.

don osborne

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Katrina fundraising

I did a birthday party for a guy I know at my church. It was great. It was a western theme. At weddings there is normally a money dance. I suggested that we have a money dance where his guests could dance with him or his wife and the money would all be donated in his name to our churches Katrina Relief fund ( we had raised $80000 at our church in Delaware to help the Katrina victims) Everyone thought this was a great thing, getting to dance with the birthday boy and contributing to the hurricane victims.


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This goes to prove what the ADJA can do and especially the Chicagoland chapter!

I say Chapter of the year!
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