Cha Cha Slide Hits #1 on the UK. Charts

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Randy aka DJRed5

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Has it charted here? I don't know, maybe briefly a year or two ago it was getting some airplay.

Still, it's a cult favorite, and I'd say it is requested at more than half my shows around here.


Chris Wagner

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There's a newer, more upbeat version coming out too. Look for it on some of the music subscription services...


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This song:

Title: Cha Cha Slide
Version: [Radio Edit]
Artist: DJ Casper
Year: 2004

is on PrimeCuts # 557. All you PC customers should have this disc by Tuesday 3-16-04. Let us know what you think of the song.



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what version is this? I dont get prime cuts? there is a version on Promo onmly mainstream club called "Let's Cha Cha [Barrucco's Step Clubmix]" by Cha Cha MC . is this the same one??


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RPM had the original Radio Mix on T-555 track's been a while because they're currently up to T-632 at one a week that was some 81 weeks ago (1.5 yrs.). I went and bought the LP for Pt. 2, then bought the followup album for Pt.3.



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I believe it was originally released under the name "Mr. C the Slide Man". The version on PrimeCuts is credited to DJ Casper and is a different version (although it sounds like the same guy).



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I just received my Prime Cuts today and the Cha Cha Slide is on there with DJ Casper. Haven't heard it yet.
It is on the Prime Cuts 557P track 18

Same steps, but with a more lively dance theme.

To subscribe call Rob Drachler at TM Century 972-406-6886. Tell him DJ Johnny K sent you. It's only $39.95 a month for all the top hits. I haven't had to buy any new cd's or singles since my subscription began in Jan 2003. I used to spend $60.00 or more a month at the record stores, so it's worked out well for me, and no more running around looking for songs that promo missed.



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I agree with DJ Johnny. I've been a subscriber to Prime Cuts ofr nearly 2 years. I was with Promo Only and lets just say niceley that I didn't get all the hits. I was also with Top Hits USA for a while but I got way too much junk.


Speaking of the Cha Cha slide. Does anyone know where I can pick up a remix of the Cha Cha slide that has samples of 'On Broadway'.


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As Rob Drachler knows, I'm always all too happy to jump on the "PrimeCuts is great" bandwagon. Definitely give PrimeCuts a look if you haven't already. And don't forget to check out what is available on PrimeCuts Plus: things like drops, shouts, comedy bits, theme songs, instrumentals of current releases, etc. PrimeCuts Plus is an amazing FREE online resource available to you as a PrimeCuts subscriber.

As for the new version of the Cha-Cha Slide included on PrimeCuts 557--it is a great, upbeat new version. Call Rob and subscribe to PrimeCuts now and I'll be he can still nab you a copy of the 557 release! And you could always ask him about the 552 release with the Back in Black remix of Nelly's "Work It," too--it would be a shame for you to miss that one as well.

By the way, DJ Casper is the same guy as Mr. C the Slide Man. In fact, although the track is listed under DJ Casper on PrimeCuts, the single Universal has released is under Mr. C the Slide Man.

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