Ceremony Mic System Recommendations

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Hi gang,

We've started to offer ceremony services and I'm looking for a nice, compact, mobile solution. What we offer in the package are 2 lapel/lav mics and one handheld. I'm looking for a affordable solution I can put into a 1 or 2 rack space and transfer from DJ to DJ based on the event. The DJ would then simply patch the mic system into their mixer and have it available for ceremonies.

Keep in mind that this is to mic up the officiant and groom and the handheld for readings. Not ultra-professional vocal mics. I've spoken to different places that are trying to sell me $5k systems and I'm looking for something more affordable for my needs.

I don't want a cheap, crappy system of course but at the same time I don't need the ultimate mic system for this ceremony service.

What do you recommend?

What do you guys think of this;



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Unfortunately, your needs are in direct opposition to your suggested (by the link) budget.

Going cheap on a multi-unit, wireless microphone system will likely result in sub par quality results. The system you linked is cheap and in direct conflict with your stated desire to avoid a "a cheap, crappy system",

Chicago must have 1 or 2 HUNDRED audio equipment professionals.

Do you have a trusted, local professional you can consult with to make an informed purchase?

If not, I can recommend Bill at ESC for long distance advice that will serve you well. (800)582-2421


Thanks, the more I researched the more I realized that yes, the Nady one I linked is pretty crappy I guess.

I will talk with Bill (who sold me GREAT ATW mics) as well as Ben from NLFX.



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Both are well respected around here.

I have done some bid-niz wit Bill so I can only speak, with any authority, to that.


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Agree 100%. And think of it this way.

Who do you think they will look at when the signals degrade, dropouts occur, and any other hosts of myriad problems you get with less than adequate coverage for a once i na lifetime event?

Buy once, buy well. Buy cheep, spend three times the money and still have less than adequate results.

which is more desirable for your clients?

Second that on Bill at esc.


Audio Technica's ATW 2120 (hand held) and ATW 2129 (Lavaliere) systems both sell for $ 349.00 MAP. We currently have a deal on them with free shipping. Audio Technica also has a $ 20.00 Mail-in rebate available.

Now would be the time to buy.

Randy Bartlett

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We do a LOT of ceremonies. During our wedding season, we provide ceremony music more often than not.

Here's what I think is important.

Good quality receivers and lavs, with easily changeable frequencies. Automatic searching for the best frequency is really valuable.

Depending on a lot of factors -distance, other mics, walls, etc., you may want to also get an antenna booster, which will also allow you to use one set of antenna for both receivers and increase performance at the same time.

I just put together another ceremony system and I did spend almost $4,000, mostly on the mics, but I got four receivers, four lavs and two hand helds. Overkill usually, but as long as I was in for $2500...
(Not including speakers, btw.)

I also have a couple of Audio Technicas (not sure of the model number but the price sounds about the same, and I've been very happy with them. Not as good as the Shure's I just added, but very adequate. I was actually quite surprises and thought they were a good value. I bought the first one on a whim, almost accidentally, and then added another. I still need to add a hand held to it, so I'm not sure how that will sound.

Get a good, light road case that's easy to set up and tear down quickly.

Good luck.


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I use the Audio Techica 3000 series wireless handheld system for receptions and am in the process of purchasing a 3000 series lavalier system for ceremonies.

Scott McKinney

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You can skate by on reception stuff (not that you'd really want to) but ceremony is WAY too important to rely on whatever was on sale the cheapest.
I run Shure ULX's in my ceremony rig. (around $800 each)
But...A ceremony is the LAST place I want any complications from drop-outs, hissing, buzzing or anything.
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