Can responding to a political post hurt your business?


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It can here. I usually don't get into the political mudslinging mess going on at various other forums but I felt the need to express my opinion about my vote. Well this shocked a "former" customer. I vote. It's my right, let me vote for whoever I want to and well... I will adapt and overcome anything that comes my way. I was surprised this person took politics so personal that she was willing to drop us and use someone who she really has no idea who they voted for. Oh well, maybe they will get over it that's the politics baby!

At the very least I am willing to stand by my vote.


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one of the reasons we have a political potpourri board is so that commentary that can be more blunt and direct isn't searchable, and therefore trackable. Although one member indicated the ability to search the potpourri board, we haven't been able to reproduce that whatsoever.

The problem with the entire social media is that now people can use it aggressively with the intent to commit harm.

Those ramifications compel me to simply do my thing, and not say anything about it. I don't feel the need to trumpet out every part of my life and what I am thinking like many who do. I'm too busy living it(my life) to watch it pass by on a social networking forum in front of a computer screen.

I would advise anyone who is "out there" to reel it back in, particularly if you are getting a lot of feedback that isn't pleasant.

I am reminded of the great Groucho Marx who cracked a joke about a Doctor's visit;

"Doctor, when I do this it hurts"

"Well then do do that"

You can say whatever you want in this political potpourri forum as long as it isn't overly profane or ugly in the respect of baiting.

But the usual "stick to business" mantra isn't there. And it isn't going to be tracked back to you.

These days, that's a GREAT thing.


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I bite my tongue a lot of FB for that reason. You never know who is going to take offense to your opinion and decide you are not the DJ for them after that.


so sick of the damn politics on FB... i just bite my tongue.

but this was my recent post... just for fun... has 4 likes so far :)

[h=5]Presidential Candidates for 2012. Please circle one.
A. Barack Obama
B. Mitt Romney
C. My dog, Mackey


Disclaimer: This status is not intended for arguing or political nonsense. Hope you enjoyed a brief 'ha' to yourself. Carry on.[/h]


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Money and Politics...

Money and Politics...two things if your customers or even fellow vendors can see your Facebook, twitter, etc don't talk about(well and also calling them idiots etc)....just hold your tongue or create a separate CLOSED account on those for those you wish to exchange banter with...its a lose lose if you discuss it and people don't agree, don't refer you, don't hire you etc...


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I have noticed more discord among fellow Americans recently all over politics. It's sad that people get so personal against another person because of differences in their political point of view.
The reality is that a lot of the things people argue about actually can't be controlled by the person you vote for.
There is talk about other politicians trying to block everything the current president tries to do. How is that patriotic?
The propaganda that being used today is breeding hatred.
A lot of it is lies. Lies that people will believe just because they want to believe that their team has to win.

I think that Americans are so tired of losing the battle against the govt. that now they think the enemy is the opposing political party.

Politicians have done nothing but let it happen. The blame shifting is never ending.
Many Americans are completely brainwashed. They have completely lost sight of the truth because of the success of politicians convincing us that what they preach is the truth.

Every American needs to ask their self... Have I been brainwashed?

There's too much discord among Americans, and I'm sorry to say that this is exactly what they want.
It is at the level where Americans are actually hateful towards each other over this.
I see a lot of angry talk coming from the mouths of some politicians. Mean and angry looks, stances, and words. Is this what it has come to?

One party wants to curse the last 4 yrs. The others want to curse the previous 8 yrs.
Which one matters more?

Something needs to change. :(.....

Have you been brainwashed?
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Totally agree with keeping a buttoned lip, but when I was labeled because of my vote I had to say something. Not that I agree with everything my vote receipiant has done or is planning to do I made a choice. my choice. This lady got so angry, calling me names and publically "fired" me. Then received praise from the rest of her herd!
We keep politics completely out of our show so I know to never talk about it...ever! This was on a personal account that has nothing to do with the show but she is involved in both. Oh and learn. I stepped right in it!



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Well, actually Bill I say fired but we hadn't signed the contracts yet. This just means I won't be getting the contract to this years event. Bigdawg is pissed at me with the " I told you not to talk politics" lecture. Will I ever learn?



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Sorry about your loss.

Maybe another opposite extremist will have your back on future endeavors.

Or even a neutral person who just sympathizes with you.


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Paul... Where did she see the comments and did she go after you on that website or post somewhere else?



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FB. I was responding to another political post by a close friend who included me in who I voted for. She jumped on and basically explained how dumb I am and that she can not support someone who supports this ticket. Mind you this is put in a much nicer way. Then the rest of the herd jumped on and told her what a good American descision she just made. I unfriended her. I wonder if her superiors agree with her descision? Funny thing is her procurement department sent an email requesting a proposal/contract for the upcoming event! Guess they didn't get the memo.



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Woulda been funny if you could have gotten the contract signed quick before she caught on and then watch her squirm trying to get out of it....

hehehehehehehe... evil lil pitchfork jimmy


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Bigdawg sent over the proposal/contract. I hope we get the job and I can post a picture with her post imposed on it! tee hee...