Busy Weekend

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Johnny Dee

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Started out Friday morning at our warehouse loading up our box truck and a van for this weekends events.

Friday night we did sound at a college event which ended at 10pm.

We then went to a hotel to set up a BIG sound system and light show for a private HS having a dance for 850 kids on Saturday night. (DB technologies Line Array, 6 Martin Kryptons, 6 Elation Bricks, 2 Martin Atomic Strobes and 12 Martin StageBars).

Saturday morning (after 3 hours sleep) started off setting up 100' of pipe and drape, 2-7000 lumen projectors, 2-large projector screens, 4-Lekos with custom gobos, 4-light towers (for dance floor) with 2-Martin Kryptons and 2-Martin Entours, 24-wireless uplights, Podium, podium mic and sound system for guest speakers. 2-Distro boxes with cabling, 4K Black Magic Studio/Production camera for live camera, and Multi-Media Control Center.

Thanks to our great crew, all three events went off great with very happy clients.

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