Building My Own Gig Rack?

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Bill James

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There are a few here that have built their own gig workstation/rack/case. It's a project I would love to do with my son. Does anyone have any plans, advice or links we would find helpful?
I've built two consoles, a CD case, four amp racks, and a one-piece rolling combo rack using various construction methods. The last ones I made with 1/2" hardwood plywood from Lowes (actually cheaper than BC pine/fir around here). 1x1" pine bracing on the corneres and 1x4(ish) wherever vertical rack rails needed to be attached. Everything was Gorilla-glued, screwed together with drywall screws, and additionally clamped as neccessary. I did a 12x5 console, 13 space amp rack and two 2-space amp racks using this method... much stronger and slightly lighter than using 3/4" without bracing, but a lot of work.

How much woodworking experience do you have?
Do you have access to power tools? (table saw, router, belt sander, drill press)
What are you trying to build?

With the lightweight plastic products currently available for Gator, SKB and others that can be delivered to your doorstep, I would seriously consider whether any of their offerings would serve your needs.


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I am on my second "creation" currently. I started out with a DJ Booth to put all my gear on, but that quickly became too labor intensive. I was having to hookup all my gear when I got to each venue. I just build a rolling DJ "booth" that has all my amps, mixers, light controlers, etc ready to go. Then I pull up, I open the 4 doors/shelves, hook up the speakers, add the cd players, and plug in the power and I going in about 10 min. Then the work starts getting all the lighting setup, but I am working on that problem......

You just need the dimentions of all the equipment and make a good drawing of your case. Make sure that you measure and recheck all your numbers before you start!!! If you have some fair woodworking skills, you can do it custom to your needs and at a good price.

Hope this helps.
Bill, I am the farthest thing from a handyman there is and I'm flat out dangerous with power tools...but I did build my own gig rack.

It's easy, cheap and will be designed specifically for your gear. It will also be lighter than any wood case you could buy.

I used 1/2" plywood for the bottom. 1/4" plywood for the 3 sides. If you have all your measurements, Lowe's or Home Depot will cut the wood for you for 25 cents each (saved my fingers, that's for sure!). Then, you can saw 1x2 to fit at all the joints (to give you something to screw into with 2" drywall screws).

Finally, you can order black case carpet from Pro Sound (, and go nuts with a staple gun.

Total cost: $50.

A smaller, lighter, custom-made case that I can say I built? Priceless!

Now, I'm the only one who uses my gear - so I baby my case. Would it hold up to the beating of a multi-op? No. But without all the feet, corners, latches, etc. - it sure is lighter!
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