Bret To Replace Simon?

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I think we should start a campaign.... Facebook, Twitter, etc etc... to get one of our own to replace Simon...

After all.... who ever heard of Randy before American Idol.... I didn't.

Let's see.... we need someone who "tells it like it is"; someone who won't take crap from anybody, judge or contestant; someone who knows music; someone who's available; someone who's a "character"........

Hmmmmm.... gotta be Lou Mascitello a.k.a. "Old Goat"...

How about it Lou???? Ya ready for real stardom???
Here are my thoughts.

I don't believe Bret would be the best choice. It's for no lack of experience. Like he said, he has been around music his entire life. He knows it very well.

I believe the person sitting in that chair needs to not be afraid to tell it like it is. I personally believe this is what made Simon a huge success. Alot of people hated him at first, but I believe many came to understand that, on most occasions, he was dead on!

Bret has gone through two near-death experiences and while it may be within his capabilities to "dish out the criticizm" . . . most people who have gone through such experiences come away with a kinder and more gentle love for life. They appreciate it more. They are less prone to criticize and more prone to encourage. In Bret's case, I cannot see him as someone who would discourage a dream and put someone down with straight-to-the-point candor.

In this case, I don't think Bret would be the thorn this rose needs! :)


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I wish American Idol was taken off the air. I havent watched in five years.

You've missed some seeing some great artists - Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Adam Lambert...

I will say after watching this season it has grown a bit long in the tooth.

Simon's timing for leaving is probably spot on...

By the way... got another new release on my Prime Cuts recently from Fantasia... How much longer and how many more times can they keep pushing Fantasia???? I think she's terrible - and always have...

Chuck Amstone

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Would not be watching Idol anymore if that happened.

With Simon gone, you might as well put a fork in the show. Quit frankly I grew old of the show a few years ago and find it to be more of a popularity contest than that of a real talent show. Hence...Adam should have won and the chick should have this year. Both will have better success than the winners.

Back to my Howard stern Point. No one on this planet has changed radio more than him. He single hand-idly won every market he went into on terrestrial radio. Because he was too talented for terrestrial radio, he went over to satellite. BTW....have you noticed how BAD terrestrial radio is?

Before he went to Sirius, XM was the huge winner with over 2 million subscribers, Sirius had 200,000. By him going to Sirius, he single hand-idly saved a bankrupt company and forced XM into a merger with Sirius so XM wouldn't go bankrupt. Sirius now has several million subscribers all because of Howard Stern. Which brings me back to why Howard would be the ideal fit.

Larry said it in his post, Bret would be too nice and the show would be full of foopla and it will die sooner rather than later. If you want someone whose going to tell it like it is, than no one on this planet is better than Howard Stern.

For those who bash Howard, have you listened to his show lately? It is the funniest thing on any airwaves. And by his ratings, once again he has the highest rated show in the country, people would rather pay to listen to him than over anything FREE on terrestrial. Who else on this planet can do this? Why wouldn't fox want his draw?

Mark my word....anyone other than him and the show will be gone in two seasons. Which wouldn't be a bad thing.
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Here's my 2 cents on Stern. He is good for the people who enjoy his style of dialogue. He is not a family friendly personality. I don't know about his ability to talk about the talent of a beautiful woman (or on Am. Idol a beautiful girl) without exploiting them. Many females will pass on the tryouts in fear of being objectified on television.
I like Stern, and he has a lot of fans, but not national family television. If I had my 10yr. old watching I would be scared of what he might say. He uses very adult content.
Maybe he could be less raunchy for the show, but I don't see him changing his style, he just doesn't seem like the sellout type.


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Sounds like you are a big Stern follower. Maybe you can answer this. When Stuttering John was on the Stern show, he had an obvious speech impediment. When he left Stern, he never stuttered on the Leno Show. How do you figure that is?

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Sorry Tom, but Bret replacing Simon has as much interest for me as off-white replacing eggshell white on my walls...who cares?


American Idol and Dancing w/Stars have become so over-advertised here in the Los Angeles market, that you don't even have to watch to know the details...they report it on every news program, every talk show, billions of commercials on tv & radio...we'd probably watch them if we weren't so tired of hearing about them everywhere else!
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