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djlouie atlanta

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Bose users, fans and Cap,

I have a little dilemma on choosing my next Ceremony speakers. I sold my L1 Compact (which I liked a lot) to a friend who took it overseas. Now that I just sold my Mackies 450's, I am shopping for new ceremony speakers. My choices:

1- Buy another L1 Compact

2- Since I have 2 L1 Model 2 and will definitively be getting the new B2s, why invest $1000 on a Compact, when I could get the new L1 Model 1s for $1500, don't need to buy B1s (I have 4) and down the road buy an additional 1s for smaller gigs, Ceremony and cocktail set ups..or lend them to my son if we have 2 gigs...

3- If I would invest $1500 on a L1 Model 1s, why not invest $1800 (found a 10% promotion) on 2 L1 Compacts and use them for ceremonies, cocktails (I always offer my clients Cocktail hour music even in a different room in all of my packages) and maybe use them for smaller weddings (I would not use them alone though, I would get a small sub and crossover them like a good friend of mine here in Atlanta does)

The thing that kills me is that by getting the new B2s, either my 4 B1s will be just sitting in my garage, or sell them really cheap...I will use them getting the new L1s, but I would also save $1000+ by getting the Compacts.....What would you do?
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