Black Skirting for Tripods

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DJ Jonny T

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Very nice looking setup JonnyT. Are those PR-15's?

To those that say it looks tacky, do you use a table topper or a facade to hide the rest of your gear? If so, why?

Personally I think that the skirts present a very clean looking setup, no loose wires hanging out all over, etc. I don't have them, but I might get some, at least for my lighting tripod.

The best looking setups I have done have been where I can hide the speakers completely.

Those speaker are not PR-15's. They are Peavey Impulse 1015's that came in white... which is why I bought them. They sound better, are built better and can handle more watts then any PR speaker. Though I do own the passive PR-10's & PR-12's. Now to find a powered white speaker that doesn't cost as much as the EV's.


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I just mean I think truss looks nicer than tripods. Plus I am not a big fan of the ruffled look above. It just looks like it doesn't fit right. Now I do like some of the spandex look covers.


I skirt my tripods at weddings. I use 8' lengths of black velveteen fabric that my wife bought at a fabric store - that's what the table skirt is too. I get many compliments on my setup appearance.


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those tripod covers are nice. I would rather have the legs covered up than what DJ Johnny T has. Too much ruffles for my taste. But again to each his own.


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Just me, and in the nicest way I can say it... JohnnyT, that looks like a Christmas display without the decorations added yet.
I felt chilly when I looked at it, like I was in a cold winter.

Of course if the rest of the room was full on wedding white, I'm sure it looked good.

It sort of reminded me of a snowmobile with all the white, and then the industrial looking lighting stuff on top. :)

It would be really cool if you had an assortment of accent trim of some kind that you could match with the room's accent (find out color during pre planning). Then it wouldn't look as much like DJ Frosty The Snowman. :)


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Johnny T... side note/question. How long have you been using the Impulses? Are they passive? How do you like them?

DJ Dave

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I have a pair of 12" impulses and they are sound for my back yard hidden behind bushes. Seriously! They are in no way comparable to my EV ZX4's, not even close.

However, they are great for outdoor use and do hold up quite well. I have had mine outside in the elements for over 4 years no issues whatsoever. With that said, they are a workhorse to be sure. Personally I have more respect for my clients to use them at an event. Like it or not, I don't care as I have a right to my own opinion.

CJ Greiner

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You gotta admit... this does look really cool.

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