Biggest system for a school dance

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looks great. what type of power supply does the school have to provide you with the power that you need.. do you use a 220 drop box. thanks


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4 full blocks of EV MT (that's 2 EV MT-L4 subs and the matching double 15" tops in each block) on each corner of the gym. Plus 2 trusses flown with crank motors. 12 mac 250 on each truss. 2 F-100 foggers. A full day set-up for a 3 hour dance.

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I just need 4 circuits. Usually I can find them in any gym. I bring extension cords of all sizes. 12 gauge

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djextreme, yes I can ,,, it's a light show.............................................

LOL I guess you mean what light are on it, ok. first you have to know that the pic is a couple of years old. I had a professional photog come to a gig early and take the shot and then sent it out to a place that made me 5000 of them, so I will have that promo forever. I still use most of the light and have added newer intelligent lighting, but as far as the pic goes, here ya are:

Light that are on are:
mirrow ball with 4 pin beams
4 pars
2 banks of osscilaltors
2 porkupine lights
10 pin beams mounted inside trussing on a chase control unit

Lights not on:
Bubble machine
2 AMDJ Eliminators
1 Comet

I would call that light show my "old school" show but the picture is really impressive. It's a full 8X10 that I mail out. I still get a great responce from it.


we use a standard show for my market

4 double 18in loaded elite 1000 bass bins
4 double 15in elite 1000 s for tops
crest ca12 amp fop the bass
audiopro 3400s for the tops

3 double black light tubes in watertight cases ( for outdoors)
4 american dj mighty scans
4 twisters
2 cop lights
chauvet photon generator green laser
4 mini moons
2 10ft scaffold towers
20ft of trussing cranked to 12 ft
martin raptor
some wierd centre piece from vegas
2 colored strobes (red and purple)

2 x 17ft video screen with crowd cam

3 djs
glowsticks, t shirts, pop, chocolate bars, walkmans,

and all this for $1700 Mark we need help in the teen sector now!!!!!


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Fot a school dance - locally:
Sound System:
(2) EV MTL-1x's
(2) EV T-252+'s
(1) Rane EQ302S 31 band eq
(1) Rane AC-22B crossover
(3) QSC PLX-3402's
(1) Pioneer cmx-3000
(1) Pioneer DJM-3000
(2) ATW-1400 wirless mics

(2) L-16 crank stands
(3) 10 ft. sections of Optikinetics tri-light truss
(2) Martin Wizards
(2) Martin Synchrozaps - stacked as a centerpiece
(4) Martin Pro-400 color changers
(eight) Martin 812 Roboscans
(2) Martin Punishers
(2) Martin Destroyers
(2) Martin Minimac Washes on the floor
(4) Martin Minimac Profiles on the floor
(2) LeMaitre Pro Hazers
(1) Martin CX-4 on truss aimed at my console
(2) OnmiSystems HYPNOTICS aimed at wall behind me
complete with logos
(1) Meteor ProBeam 150 aimed at back wall with school & class yr.


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We did one last weekend that had the following for sound:

4 EV Deltamax dual 18 subs
8 EV Deltamax single 18 subs
8 EV T252 mid/hi
2 EV T251+ (monitors)
2 Crest Audio self powered (monitors)
can you say loud!

4 Martin 518's
4 MX-1s
4 Robocolor 2s
Atomic 3000 strobe
and a slew of assorted other lights that I cant remember

If the organizers ever send me the video or pictures like they said they would I will definitely post them up.


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well today i had prob. my biggest set up yet.

2 homebuily 15" 2-ways
1 mackie 1500
1 samson f1200

10 foot truss with
luna 4
big shot
lq-32 moonflower

t-bar tripod with
2 sapphire 3's
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