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Let's have fun with this one everyone:

What's the biggest system you have brought to a school dance? Some of you live in areas where there are 2,000 student schools, so I can't wait for your responses.

The biggest one I have brought to a school was:

12-Peavey DTH subs (I know, they are Peavey, but they did POUND before we retired them)
4-confetti launchers
12-Dance platforms
10-smaller effect lights

This was a $4,000 show a few years ago.


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Powered by two QSC 4.0's, two QSC 2.0's, and one QSC 3402:



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To date, My largest system I have taken out for a school dance consisted of:

Peavey SP-218X
Two Peavey SP-4g
Two Yamaha S-115-4

Powered by two PLX-3402 and a USA-900


Two MX-4's

This dance was for 500 students and there was plenty of sound on the dance floor.

I have another dance at this same school in February, but the the T-36's will be in for this one! As always, the Yamahas will be crossed over and be all highs with the T-36's obviously as subs. Due to the shape of the room, I may even bring the 4G's along to fill the sides of the room. I will try to get some pics.


Jim Weisz

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inmans-- What browser are you using? It looks fine on mine. My guess is you're using Netscape?? If so, switch to internet explorer and it will look a lot better!!

My biggest system was for about 2500 students:

- 2 EV Elminators
- 2 Sonic TM-15's
- 2 homemade subs (with SB-180 woofers in them)
- 1 PLX 3402
- 1 K2
- EV AC-One Crossover
- About 5-6 ADJ effects

I would definitely say we could've used more sound in the back of the gym, but overall, from the stage to the other free-throw line (so about 75% of the gym) sounded great.

I got paid $2000 for this was a H.S. homecoming.

DJ Lava

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I regularly use 8 EV Deltamax subs with 4 X-Array tops. Tri-amped with QSC PL series amps. I did have gig last year where we had more than double the gear. 16 Deltamax subs and 12 X-Array tops. This was for about 1200-1500 people. Sound was crystal clear and rich in every spot in the room. You got a significant chest kick no matter where you were standing. Lighting was an assortment of Technobeams, Studio Color 250's, and Studio Spot 250's flown from a 20' ceiling. This was for a college in CT. The sound took about 2 hours to set up (but the stage hand union did it for me). another 30-40 minutes to tune the system.

Brandon Fisher

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My biggest was:
2 EV SX 300's
2 EV SXa 100's
2 EV T 18's
2 EV Sxa180's
2 Crown k2's
1 Pioneer DJM 600
2 CDJ 1000's
1 Mackie 1402 PA Mixer

Lighting / Effects
4 812's
4 Color 150's
2 MX 1's
2 Acrobats
1 Raptor
2 Torch Lights
19ft Truss
12ft crank stands
2 16" mirror balls
1 LeMaitre hazer
1 Bubble Machine


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WOW Valerie,

That's a kick ass looking set up! Have you considered doing dance platforms as well? You can make them yourself, or have someone else do them (I know a guy in north-west Minnesota that does them really nice).

With that size of a system, dance platforms would be really neat, plus it's a pretty good "up sell" to schools, especially Proms and Homecomings!

Valerie Hicks

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Actually, we've always avoided them. There are a number of reasons, but mainly they do make faculty uncomfortable. We like to stay on the good side of those signing the contract & check! Other than that, I can see some places where it could be a great addition. Unfortunately, at this time, we'd have to strap them to the side of the truck or trailer as both are full!


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i'm jealous, of course.

about 10 non-intelligent light effects
2 homemade 2-way speakers with 15" eminence kappas and selenium horn drivers (600 watts conitnuos)
samson f1200 amp
fog machine
bubble machine


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oh sorry
all lights on 10 foot truss (VERY heavy)

next dance i will arrive in style- my TRAILER! woo hoo

and hopefully, soon, added to the set up will be subwoofers and crank up light stands for ease


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For the size of the schools in my area, my system is perfect.

2 Gemini Cabinets loaded with 15" Peavey Black Widow 1505-DT's
2 Peavey FH-1 Bass Bins loaded with 15" Peavey Black Widow-DT8's

2 Mackie 1400i's Bridged. 1 amp=left 1amp=right

this is the best picture of my system I have at the moment till I get a new digital camera. And I added a ADJ Copilot to my light show, so there are no more extension cords hanging around. Thank God. I hated those.

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Well this was not quite a school dance, and I was not quite the dj...
But if anyone is familiar with the JCC Maccabi Games, you will know what I am talking about. The Maccabi games are like the Jewish teen olympics. This past summer they were in Baltimore. The opening ceremonies were held at the Baltimore Arena, and I was asked to produce the music for the opening videos, and the parade of atheletes. So I went into a recording studio and made some remixes. Anyway, the system was done by two companies. Sound and Video by RCI, and lighting by Lightaction. I do not have the exact list of waht was used, but it consisted of some of the following:

EAW KF Line Arrays and QSC PL amps (34 of them). Shure U series wireless mics (I think about 12 of them). EV RE series wireless mics (another twelve or so).

Two appx. 20 ft rear projections screens with the biggest damn projectors I have ever seen (each one needed it's own scaffolding tower (I believe they were called the Roadie X-10 Projectors). A whole wing of the stage consisted of video playback and beta recording gear.

About 150 feet of flown trussing, in a square pattern, along with a custom circular truss in the center, which suspended a custom made fire bowl (about five feet in diameter). A Diffusion haze system. Either a GrandMA or Virtuoso Console. 24 1200 watt Clay Paky Moving Body wash fixtures, as well as 24 of the spot fixtures. Several MAC 600 Wash fixtures as well. Appx. 90 ETC source four pars (gelled in red). And twenty source four pars gelled in blue. 12 Source four ellipsoidals (blue and white).

I beleive all of the power for this came from the arena's Cam-Lok system through an Applied Electronics touring distro rack.

After the speeches and stuff, the arena floor became a large dance floor, and the DJ (a good friend of mine) played about a half an hour of music. The kids did not need any motivation to dance at all, they were ready lol. I would have been asked to DJ, but I was actually an athelete in the games as well.

I have included a link to some pictures from the opening ceremonies. Some of the pictures that are in a white room look like a theatre, that is actually just part of the backstage area. The kids are right behind some of the last seating risers, and if you look over the risers, you will see some of the actual arena.

Tom Hamkens

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I just did a December Sno-Ball and was able to use my recently purchased 4 EV MTL 4's and 4 EV MTH 4's all powered by recently purchased 8 QSC MX 3000a's. I could have used my PL's but wanted to try the MX's out to see how they would handle the situation.


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largest system

2 peavey impulse 500's
2 peavey SP-1's
2 yamaha s115's
2 peavey subcompact 118's
2 EV Eliminator sub's
1 qsc plx 2402
3 mackie 1400's

2 pocket scans
2 vertigo's
2 avenger's
2 propeller's
2 gem II's
1 lotus
2 martin jem fogger's

This the largest event for me....

DJ Lava

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You didnt get any weird phasing problems or cancellation using so many different pieces of gear?
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