Big new job with Coca-Cola

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Saw this on Mythbusters last year - Experimented with cola:
Coke will clean the chrome on your car bumper
Coke will de-grease your auto engine
Coke will clean a copper penny
Coke will break down a steak if submerged for 24 hours

Makes me wonder what it does to human flesh. :)

i'm thirsty.....



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Worked for Coca Cola for 14 years (for real, no joke). Started out great but once Coke USA took over Coke NY, it took the corporate mentality to a whole different level. Has to be one of the worst companies to work for out there. At the Holiday's, we were told that if we missed the work Christmas Eve day or the day after Christmas, we would be terminated, I personally saw it happen too! A father of three, who was throwing up sick, went home early because it would be best not to be sick around the product. He was told not to come back. He did go to the union, got his job back, but the company made it so miserable for him, he couldn't take it. You know, we didn't even get a Christmas card, but the CEO received stock options valued at 15 million each year I was there.

When I left, after 14 years, I was second from the top in seniority over 65 guys. What does that tell you about turnover! Also, I was in the office when the plant manager notified payroll I was leaving. all he said was, "delete 0834 from payroll", not even mentioning my name. Made me feel warm and fuzzy inside...yeah right!

Not bitter, just regret that I wasted 14 years there which could have been better spent working for Keith Alan Productions. I'm glad I left when I did in 93.

Vent concluded...thanks!

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I just think Keith needs a Coke and Smile :) Wouldn't you like to teach the world to sing?

Bill that was the worst yet and never knock 7UP.....what else goes good with whiskey :drinking:

Mark Beecher

No fat Filipino women were harmed in the telling of this joke.
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