Best or Worst Best Man Speech Ever?

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Rock Lobster
NOTE: Bongybill didn't craft that one, although he was the inspirational target!;)

...but he is free to accept the accolades for the work of others.:rolleyes:
I'm just taking credit where credit is due djmbr01. Again I call into play your reading comprehension. Have you graduated high school yet?

djtunes said:
I laughed pretty good at Billabong's reaction to djmbr01's broken speech.
Unless I'm reading things wrong, I thought djtunes was giving me some kudos there, which is what I was responding to. And some to you too later in his writing (e-stroked), for which you could also have said "thanks". But please djmbr01, elaborate how I should have interpreted his post? :confused:

I also find it funny that his post was hanging out there for several days and you didn't see fit to comment (complete with derogatory remarks) until I said "thanks". And less than 10 minutes after my post! But noooo, you're not looking to start flame wars... (Also, I'll be expecting a quip from you on how remarks can only be "derogatory" if the reader reads them that way. Because, you know, the word "derogatory" is subjective).

Believe me, I'd never take credit for your attempts at humor. Once again, you may want to read an entire thread before posting a comment. :rolleyes:

You also may want to get your keyboard checked. It's spelled "BILLABONG". Since 1973, there hasn't been a "y" in it.
Not open for further replies.