Batch File Renaming Utility (Not the tags, the actual file name) For MP3 Files

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Happy Seasonal Greetings to all persons of religious faiths and non-believers alike.

I am re-ripping a great deal of older CDs and thanks to the on-line databases, the ripped files are automatically named. Nice.


the file naming protocol of First Name Last Name totally messes with my library research and personal file naming protocol of Last Name comma First name.

For example, all the files look like this:

(Gene Autry) Here Comes Santa Claus.mp3

but I want it

(Autry, Gene) Here Come Santa Claus.mp3

Have tried at least six programs that say they do but in reality, don't. They do alter the tags but not the file name itself. Bogus for my needs.

I will manually rename all 600 tracks if need be, but a batch file program would be so much easier. Suggestions please? Doesn't matter if a freebie or buy it. If it works, it's worth it.


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Dobby10 : Thank you for the link and information. I've used that program for years but never understood what an expression was or where to put it.

Today is targeted to give it a shakedown trial run. What's the worst that could happen?! Have to rename the artist fields? That was on the plate anyway so here's hoping.

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Custom expressions is what you will need to do. It's actually quite easy once you do a few. I would just do a test on a few and once you get it to the way you like then do a batch.

Steve Lynch

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I love Magic File Renamer by finebytes.

I use it to get rid of that annoying last name, first name naming convention :)

I also know it works the other way around.

It's a Token Move.

Download it, and you can use it for a few months before you have to buy it. If you send a nice email to David Ohana, the guy who writes it, he'll make you a custom expression to do exactly what you want.

I use it to fli the names, remove extra spaces, insert year code, and a bunch of other little cleanups all in one pass.

Best thing is, as opposed to tag & renam, and many of the others, this is lightning fast! Like seconds!
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