Audio Tech Tip Of The Month (Nov-2002)

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Bob Dietrich

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When considering new audio equipment use your own ears and get your hands on the equipment to make a decision based on what YOU feel works best for YOU!

Today we are very fortunate as we've never had more options available to us, and at simply outstanding prices! It also used to be you had to go strictly top of the line to get top of the line sound. That simply isn't the case anymore with electronics. As a rule, as you move up the food chain in speakers you WILL usually get better sound. And make no mistake, speakers have the final say...and the most important say in how your system will sound regardles of the frontend being used.

It used to be you had to spend part of your childrens college fund to get a good mixer & dual CD player, not today! Today we have some very good mixers that are reasonably priced and CD players that does things we only dreamed of a few years ago for much less money than the rather simple machines we used a decade ago.

CD players, they all sound virtually the same sonically, this is a proven fact. However, they differ greatly in features and "feel". Your CD player is of paramount importance, yet many takes the word of others as to "what's best"...I'm here to tell you, there is NO best CD player for everyone. It all depends upon the application and the individuals personal preferences! You need to find what's best for YOU!

The manufacturers are engaged in a great competition to bring us more features yet at a price we can this great or what?? We are the ones who benefits from all this. And lets not forget about digital DJ programs either! Another choice when considering upgrading.

One thing I DON'T recommend...buying used CD players when you don't know the history of the unit.

Moving to amps, there has NEVER been a time when the "watts per dollar" ratio has been better! And let me tell you, it used to be you HAD to spend another chunk of Jr's education fund to get a good quality amp. Now we have a host of tremendous choices available that gets the job done with more features than ever, and some of these are truly outstanding values!

The bottom line folks, get out and get your hands on what you're considering, don't take anybodys word as absolute when they say "it's the best" as it all depends on the application and user preferences.

On a personal note, look for a review from me in a couple of weeks about a just released dual deck that looks to be another innovative & outstanding tool available for the very serious jock...isn't it a great time to be in this business?? :p :!: [/b]


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I agree its a great time to be just starting out in this business.

However, SOME things you just won't be able to get great deals on:

1) Still can't get a Rane MP-44 for under $995 yet!

2) Still can't get a Pioneer CDJ-1000 for less than $925!

Except for these and a few other "hot" items, *most* DJ gear can be purchased for 30-50% off list prices.

Some great deals can be had on: Stanton and Vestax mixers, Cerwin-Vega Speakers, Behringer products, Yamaha, Pioneer Dual CD players, Numark, and some other brands I've forgotten to mention.

You're right: Its a great time to be a DJ!


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i dunno if having all these great deals on gear is good....okay, it IS good because we can get a lot of quality gear...but dang, i'm always buying stuff and it leaves me broke a lot! i hate being a gear-a-holic...but at the same time it's just so exciting!!


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A word to the wise! When purchasing all this newly available gear, have great patience when parting with your money. I too have suffered the gear-a-holic syndrom until the last few years. My recommendation is to save until you can get the BEST - once you're there, the tendency is to not look quite as often and usually 98% of what comes out is generally below what you already are using. It takes quite a revolutionary feature to make you jump again!

Just my thoughts!

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