Anyone Remember This Movie?

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Go ahead, "come out to play-ayyyyyy" and share your memories of this cult classic!


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I saw that movie in Colombia in the mid 80's before I moved to the me a Classic, finally found it like 20 years later and watched it again.


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27 miles from the Bronx to Coney Island? Hmm. I thought it was shorter.

Great movie though! I read/heard/imagined somewhere that they were remaking it?


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I will not be seeing the remake.

edit: that WAS in all caps for a reason...but it was auto corrected. Rats. I shouted that line on purpose.


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Always reminded me of "Escape From New York" in 1981....

Warriors was in '79...

Both movies dealing with the decline of civilization in New York...

Of course "Escape" was my fav of the two because it had Isaac Hayes in it and will always appreciate what Mr. Hayes did for Memphis and Southern Soul Music.

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