anyone know who can finance sound systems for me?

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all this talk of $1k+ amps and speakers from $700-1000+ is making me think i will have to be working overtime at my job for a little bit longer than i first thought. any suggestions and website links would be appreciated!


James Kane

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That depends on how much leg work your willing to do for it. If you are just starting out you could write a business plan and approach your bank for financing. You will need to have some form of equity to cover most of the initial loan amount though. Even if you don't wish to go that route I still highly recommend doing your homework and putting that plan together.

Many of the top audio lines are now offering leasing options for their dealers as an incentive to keep sales up as well. I also recommend Bill @ ESC if you don't have a reputable dealer in your own area.

DJ Unlimited

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just wait for bill to get to this thread, he'll give you a few examples of the least program over five years... i think $5000 of gear comes out to like $80-$100 a month, and you can purchase it all at the end for $1... he'll crunch some numbers for ya


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hey my cousin Vinny can finance for ya...

you notta pay....he breaka you legs...... :roll:


Hi Nutran...

We do offer lease to own packages. Your interest rate will depend on your credit report. If your credit is poor or you are very young you may want to consider a co-signer.

Terms are available from 1 to 5 years.

For more information call me at 800-582-2421


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My credit is SHOT thanks to the Ex, so I had to buy my stuff one piece at a time. Hell, I am still buying, the buying never ends.

Bob Dietrich

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Don't worry, it will eventually'll reach a point where you're very happy with everything and just stay in a holding pattern. I think many just like change since once you get to a certain point, you're no longer really upgrading, simply making lateral moves. Take your time and really think about each purchase...if many did this they'd have a lot more cash in their pockets! :D
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