Alternative songs to the Elecric Slide

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I have a client who wants the Electric Slide, however, they do not want "Electric Boogie" or any country songs. What are some other good Electric Slide songs, preferably on the R&B side?


DJ Dr. Drax

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Everybody Dance Now is a good one I use almost all the time vs the electric boogie. BTW- you should get the video & play it for them if they think it is a "country" song! ;) It has it's roots firmly in R&B!


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DJ Dr. Drax said:
Everybody Dance Now is a good one I use almost all the time vs the electric boogie. BTW- you should get the video & play it for them if they think it is a "country" song! ;) It has it's roots firmly in R&B!
Thanks, Dr. Drax. Actually, at our planning meeting, I did play "Electric Boogie." They simply don't like the song, itself. But, want the Electric Slide for family members, who insist on doing it.

I also showed them a video of people doing the Electric Slide to "Electric Boogie". Still a no-go.

Mark Beecher

Respect - Aretha Franklin works perfectly
Atomic Dog - George Clinton too

Bryan Durio

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I have seen several times that a small group of people breaks out into the Electric Slide when I'm playing another song with a similar tempo. I wish I would have noted them whenever that happens. The only one I can think of offhand is Get Down On It.



I Heard It Through The Grapevine-Marvin Gaye
In The Midnight Hour-Wilson Pickett
Knock On Wood-Eddie Floyd (The Original)



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I've used these in the past...

Freeeway Of Love - Aretha Franklin
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
Born To Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez


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Your chance to shine....Audience participation/leadership:

Play "Stayin' Alive" and get out on the floor. Tell them to follow along.




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Tom Try a Mariah Carey song I think the song heartbreaker. I seem to get a lot of people doing the slide to this song when ever I play it. PS Try to find an extended verison short song, compared to the Electirc Boogie

Mark Evans

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What I always say.....My Eyes Don't Cry - Stevie Wonder aka the Detroit Electric Slide :)


Four songs immediately come to mind:

"Legs" by ZZ Top... we used to use this one for the Electric Slide at the country/western-themed club I went to in the mid-90s. The faster tempo makes the dance a lot more exciting.

"Right On Track" by the Breakfast Club.... late 80s dance-pop with a percussive bassline and faster tempo than "Electric Boogie". It's a song that just about everyone knows but never requests, and the Electric Slide steps work great with the lyrics ("I could sliiiiide to the right for awhile")

"Step It Up" by Stereo MCs... early 90s pop that moves just a bit faster than Electric Boogie, again with complimenting lyrics: "To the left, to the right, step it up... step it up all night".

"Yeah" by Usher... I usually mix out of "Electric Boogie" and segue right into this one, and the mix is so good that the majority of people keep right on going with the slide.


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Thanks, everyone. I almost always get out there and dance with them. BTW, "Strokin'" won't work with this crowd - gotta keep it clean, donchaknow.


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I used to use a song off the "Fame" soundtrack called "Red Light."

Lately, I've been using the Bus Stop/Electric Slide cut on Mr. CC's album.


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Another good Stereo MC's song to "Slide" to is "Connected", great mid-tempo beat similar to the original Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffith.


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"Fantasy" by Mariah Carey...mixed with Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love"

Alan R Hilbert

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Hi Tom

Here are the 10 tracks from a CD titled Best of Electric Slide. It's still in print and available at if you need. You can also listen to each track

1. Electric Slide (Shall We Dance) - Grandmaster Slice
2. Power - Chill Rob G.
3. Something to Get You Hyped - Young & Restless
4. Bus Stop (Electric Slide) - The World Class Wreckin' Cru
5. Turn up the Music - Grandmaster Slice
6. Electric Boogie - Fatal Attraction
7. It's Electric - Melinda Johnson
8. Move It Right - Robin
9. Slide to the Rhythm - The World Class Wreckin' Cru
10. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) – Stephanie B

Whatever your group selects, I would prearrange the title with them so they can lead their guests. Getting the majority of dancers to slide to something other than Electric Boogie is a trick unto itself.

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Tom...Oh Tom:

Where is this bride from? I'm very suprised no one mentioned (I didn't see it) Shall We Dance (Electric Slide) by Grand Master Slice.

This is the version that most people in my part of the country dance to. The Griffiths version never went over in these parts.

The above song is for sure R&B/rappish.

You can go to Amazon and listen to a clip.

This is probably the song the lady wants especially if she is from another part of the country other than yours.

Sorry...Looks like Alan suggested this song also.

BTW, this Slice song will beat mix great with the Griffiths songs if you want to get creative.
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