Almost three years ago....

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Corey Rock

Nubsauce Dancer
Was the last time I posted. I told Mark today on the phone I would visit Prodj and say hello. Has everyone been playing nicely? I certainly hope so. Feel free to respond if you remember the posts from yesteryear. To my friends, Mark Evans, Ryan B, Ken H., Mad Joe, and the cast of thousands...thank you for providing this sight for a place for friends the share ideas and possitive feedback. That's it for now.

Chris Wagner

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I checked to make sure this wasn't the Code Red version of the site! That's about the last time we saw you here!

Nice to see you again!


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Hey Corey! Going to Vegas this year my man? Party Posse is rollin'! A lot different then back when you went with us in what was is 04?


Ken Heath

Super Moderator...da-ta-daaa!!!
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Well, look at the cat in drag...oops...I mean, look what the cat dragged in!!!


Good to see you back!


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Hey Corey:

Long time no see. Hope all is well with you. maybe we will get caught up one of these days.



MobileBeat Moderator
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Hi Corey, Hope this finds you well, I did hear some sad news from Mark, and I said some prayers for you last evening.

We have some folks that will never play nice. Hopefully, we will get them all weeded out and make it a better place to visit.


Good to see you post again. Came back to Milwaukee for a few days this summer. Is business steady in your neck of the woods?


Big E

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Dude...your post made me come out from behind the screen for a brief moment. I have been wondering about you for a while now. Hope everything is well on your end and hope to see you soon. I think the last time I remember seeing you was the last time I saw Wildman...where did he go???
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