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Mark Beecher

while asking for the bachelors to gather for the bouquet toss I noticed most of the young guys were holding drinks. I announced that I need all the single guys on the dance floor and if you are good with one hand you can bring your drink with you. I heard laughs and got what I said right away. I quickly added that I thought most of them would be good with one hand. It fit the crowd even though this was a fancy schmatzy wedding.

Garter toss song was a custom mix of "for those about to rock" AC/DC


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I had a similar faux pas a few years ago. Switching from fast to slower music, I said, "We're going to slow things down a bit so you can get friendly with the person you came with, or maybe someone you would like to come with." I have no idea why I said that.

DJ Ron Auger

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I know what you mean. I was at a wedding and said something stupid, "I Do". Oh come on now, you knew that one was coming.


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I was doing trivia one night at a college bar, and one of my teams was named ball sack. Mid way through the game they stopped turning in answers and the next time I read through the scores I said "It appears that ball sack has dropped out"

Everybody burst into laughter and it took me a minute to realize what I said but I had a tough time keeping a straight face about it.
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