A mobile DJ's job is NOT to break new music.. :-(

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wuz here when it was Red.
It is good advice to new DJs to say "don't try to make yourself famous at a wedding by playing something nobody ever heard of."
And I'm saying the exact opposite.. I say thats bad advice.. :)
things are changing..

who are into new music Thrift Shop will go over great.
The macklemore and psy examples are kinda what made me revisit this topic and started another thread about it..

I was reading an article at digital music news, and one of the points that were made (and kinda agreed upon) by those in the music industry,
is the significance of what happened with those two changing the landscape.

Basically those two examples have really shown (with verified, indisputable data) that things ARE shifting from Terrestrial Radio being the arbiter of whats hot, too where social media and basically the "internet" becoming the curators..

Here's a quote from a Billboard article about thrift shop.
For some stations, adding the song to rotation went from taking a chance to meeting demand. Rhythmic KEZE Spokane, Wash., PD Zachary "Mayhem" Wellsandt played "Thrift Shop" on Oct. 16 after noticing Macklemore's online presence and his sold-out show at the local Knitting Factory. Now, the station leads in spins with 638 plays through Dec. 27-a reactionary response to listeners dialing in.

What does that have to do with mobile DJ's?
everything I've been talking about in this thread..

when DJ's say "its not our job", I think your selling yourself short..

for the longest time in Canada, DJ's were NOT the MC's.. Thats changing finally. why? Because more DJ's DECIDED that they wanted it to be "their job".. :)
just sayin :)
I'm just trying to give everyone a little 'heads up'.. :)
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