A Few Projects


Go Big or Go Home
Over the last year or so I have designed some nice sized shows. Some were more complicated than others, but all were a blast and very hard work.

MD Anderson 75th Anniversary Gala

BSP Lighting Designer Kevin Friddell designed and programmed the event.
The design included:
44x Robe BMFL Spot
4x Robe BMFL Blade
12x Robe CycFX4
88x Martin Mac Aura
30x Martin StageBar 54L II
100x Illuminarc Colorist Q12a
30x Chauvet ColorDash Batten Quad12
72x TMB Solaris 16x1
24x Chauvet COLORado Solo 1
10x Martin Mac 700
4x PRG Bad Boy Ground Control Followspots
Over 600' Truss
1x 20' Circle Truss
1x 12' Circle Truss
40x CM Loadstar Chain Hoists
Control by 2x Networked Martin M6 controllers
Data distribution via Pathway connectivity

LD Kevin Friddell
2016-11-05 13.47.58.jpg 2016-11-06 11.37.25.jpg 2016-11-06 11.51.58.jpg 2016-11-08 00.55.24.jpg 2016-11-08 15.44.17.jpg 2016-11-09 22.42.07.jpg 2016-11-10 12.51.04.jpg 2016-11-10 15.40.39.jpg 2016-11-10 18.07.40.jpg