A DJ with a Timeline is Not a Wedding Planner

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wuz here when it was Red.

My philosophy has always been that it takes a village to pull off a great event. It's not my job to tell vendors how to do their jobs, it's my job to make sure they have everything they need to get the job done.

Now theirs a statement I think we all can agree on, or SHOULD agree on..

Any time a wedding vendor complains about another vendor, its usually because the offendee forgot that there are other people trying to 'put on' a wedding & reception.

I've lost count on how many times a photographer completely wrecked the time table by delaying things by an hour or more.. (those times I WISHED the bride had hired a wedding planner)


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I found this a interesting thread and am very glad that Michelle was able to respond.

The reason I found this thread most interesting is that I am indeed enrolled in 2 separate courses in the next 18 months (the first is a Certified Wedding Coordinator and the second is a Event Planner & Coodinator certificate course).

The reason I am doing this is NOT to benefit my DJ service, but to augment what I do in my FT job where I work directly with concert promoters, production companys, trade show producers as well as hospitality related industries.

However, I can see a benefit to this type of addition skill as a DJ Entertainer where and when a potential client expresses to you at your consultation, that they need assistance in other areas of their wedding plan.

There are obvious limitations to a DJ planning a wedding they are going to also DJ, but, the advantage to their business, and themselves, to understand more of the process and what goes into the overall work of planning that special day could pay off in more ways than just a happy client.


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I agree with the original post that a DJ with a timeline is not a wedding planner.
But if that DJ was also hired to be master of ceremonies, then that timeline is what should be under the MC's control and not the wedding planner for the simple fact that we are the ones that know best how the "flow" of the evening is going. While the planner may think they know how things are going, in reality they have too many distractions come reception time to be truly aware of "the flow" so to speak. Everything from looking at the tables to make sure they are set just right, to helping the wedding party and guests with any last minute issues that may arise.

I can sympathize with the wedding planner as they are the ones that will be blamed if things go wrong just as we get blamed, so by the nature of the job description, being a control freak or planzilla is quite understanding.
We as MC's have discussed in more than one thread, the trials and tribulations of trying to co-ordinate with other unprofessional vendors, and so it is with the planner.

Even in this thread alone there have been more than a few comments made about how many incompetent vs. competent planners we have had the pleasure to work with and I'm sure the planner could say the same about us,
and if we have established a rapport and trust with the planner beforehand, then they will be more likely to defer to us for control of the reception.

The competent wedding planner working together with a competent MC, should ensure that the evening goes off without a hitch!

If I was a wedding planner, I should/would feel releived to defer "flow control" of the reception to the mc/dj because I am too busy getting my ear chewed off by the MOB for some other minor issue.

How about we do our best to let the wedding planner know that we are professionals as well and are there to reduce their workload for the evening without coming across as a threat to their authority. I bet we would get a lot farther with them if they could trust us not to screw things up.

Here's another thought:

I'll bet that at one time or another all of us have at least given a passing thought to doing wedding/event planning and I can even tell you why you have thought about it.

You have thought about it because after working in this industry long enough you have seen so much incompetence and fly by nighters that you want to be the one to contract competent vendors that you know and trust to make the event go smoothly. Some of us have taken that extra step to make it happen.

Now enough of playing the planner's advocate.
Sorry but there is no certification or diploma out there that will make you competent as a planner. Only industry experience will help you acheive that.
That applies to all vendors btw, not just planners. A certification only means you know enough to be dangerous and you should only be allowed to take on a junior role in whatever field that is until you have put in your time and finished your "articling".

Note: the above paragraph is directed at newbies with no planning experience, not the professionals in this thread that have already attained that industry experience and have decided to pursue a certification as a matter of course in order to enhance their standing in the eyes of potential clients.
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Here I go kicking that ole dead horse again...but proper pre-planning will let one know early on who or what they're working with. I've had the pleasure to work with a couple of fantastic planners who knows their craft very well. In fact, I did both their weddings. We have an excellent working relationship, but neither of us takes each other for granted...if anything, we spend far more time with each other in the planning stages...and we can bounce ideas off each other. Needless to say, by the day of the event, it usually goes off quite smoothly since EVERYONE involved is all on the same page...due to proper pre-planning.

Unfortunately, most I work with is very hard to deal with...they want to control everything. I've actually had clients fire them when they refuse to give up total control...and to think some people call us egomaniacs...LOL!!! I've also been able to work with a few of these folks and they lightened up and came around to a reasonable thought process...but only after proper pre-planning...simply showing up to an event can almost guarentee a poor event...oh, some of the super smart egomaniacs think they are god like at every event, but the true professionals realize how important it is for everyone to be on the same page...without proper pre-planning it just won't happen smoothly.

Just as there are bad DJ's, they're certainly plenty of bad wedding planners as well. I'm glad Michelle dropped by and clarified what she wrote...I'm sure most everyone here can appreciate the situation as she described it. I look forward to her droppiong by from time to time as we can all benefit from another point of view...Welcome to Mobile Beat Michelle!

Oh...did I mention how imperative proper pre-planning is? ;)


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... lots of titles are specious and meaningless, at best, because of the person holding/claiming it.

Reverend, Speaker of the House, DJ Forum Moderator...


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And up until your post DJROX, this was a great thread.

I've reported your post and alerted our staff to review the content and decide next steps. There was simply no reason other than a deliberate bait to post it.


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There was simply no reason other than a deliberate bait to post it.
That is pure assumption, opinion, conjecture and totally incorrect..and rises substantially closer to baiting than my post.

I'm sure you will refuse to consider the following, but I'll present it to clarify, for others, my sole purpose, in no uncertain terms, of which baiting was not even remotely a component.

The initial poster sparked a discussion about wedding planners, a non recognized professional title frequently self assigned or assumed with little or no foundation, experience or knowledge, and how DJs, another title similarly gained, are somehow infringing on it.

I listed several titles, Reverend, often assumed by less than reverent individuals, Speaker of the House, a title currently held by a less than worthy occupant, and DJ Forum Moderator, a title that apparently is given to or requiring little more than willing volunteers.

Wedding planners can be anyone that grabs the title. Therefore, titles do nothing to validate the implied proficiency or capacities. They are merely words.

That is why professional titles are usually included in the individuals name or signature.


Dr. Wyzazz, Esq.

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Thanks for the clarification Rocky - but just so you know, Bill was not the only one who found your post specious at best. I personally chose to ignore it as did others I'm sure because getting into a competition with you to see who can urinate the furthest is also specious.

If you needed to write such a long explanation of your single line post then it really lacked merit didn't it?

Unfortunately, more often than not, when I read something you write I start looking for the raised eyebrow emoticon.
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Thanks for the clarification Rocky - but just so you know, Bill was not the only one who found your post specious at best. I personally chose to ignore it as did others I'm sure because getting into a competition with you to see who can urinate the furthest is also specious.
Your fixation on my genitals is disturbing. Dat oughta raise an eyebrow.

If you needed to write such a long explanation of your single line post then it really lacked merit didn't it?
This business is well ended.
My liege, and madam, to expostulate
What majesty should be, what duty is,
Why day is day, night night, and time is time,
Were nothing but to waste night, day and time.
Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
I will be brief: your noble son is mad:
Mad call I it; for, to define true madness,
What is't but to be nothing else but mad?
But let that go.

Unfortunately, more often than not, when I read something you write I start looking for the raised eyebrow emoticon.
Get a step ladder.
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It seems that the guests and staff of Start.MobileBeat.com will have to adjust to life without Rocky Bourg. His actions and demeanor in this thread were the final violation. He will not be returning.

Any and all appeals on his behalf should be directed to myself ONLY.


Thanks so much for being our guest here, I'm glad you came in to say hi!

The DJRox quotation is from Shakepeare's Hamlet, Act 2, scene 2. I minored in Shakesperian studies at U.K. Do people not see the importance of attributing words with to the author anymore?

Ken Heath

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I recognized the Shakespeare...it was his other words that caused the trouble.


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I think that his dismissal in such a public fashion, including mock outrage, with no opportunity for his reply in public, is evidence and indicative of his mild, though perhaps backhanded approach, to making his point.

Too bad you guys didn't consider that before breaking out the trap door. Just flushing him without any public notice would have been the soundest of judgment but would not have served the more obvious agenda.

Ah well. Life goes on for all of us. Just another glitch in the ongoing saga known as Forum-Land. Have a good day, y'all.
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You people are amazing...we get castigated for taking care of the rule breakers in private, and now we get it for doing it in public.

You cannot have it both ways.


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Cap, I believe you may have missed this thread posted below. The overwhelming majority of people wanted more openess, less post and thread deletion in situations like this.


We used to "flush without public notice", and everyone cried about having their freedoms violated, their posts deleted, and their valuable content contributions removed.

we have tried to evolve as requested. if a public flushing is not as palatable as when it was requested, now seeing it actually happen in public, we don't mind taking it private again.

But the overwhelming majority of members in this particular thread didn't see it your way.

Given the number of people who line up differently, we see no way to please everyone, and Ken's assessment that you can't have it both ways is accurate.

IF we kept it quiet, you'd be happier about it,and if we didnt, everyone else would be ticked off.

And with this particular member, you have no idea exactly how many complaints we fielded on a daily and weekly basis.

Despite many warnings, and PM's All he ever gave us was the back of his hand when we requested a more civil demeanor.

I for one hope for a more positive vibe without him around.

As always Cap, I hope this finds you and your lovely bride well, and hope that you have excellent health, as I know how much you value that.
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