54 the Director's Cut


DJ Emeritus
Went to watch 54 and noticed Amazon Prime had the Director's Cut as an option.
I didn't know there was that version available, but I went with it & highly recommend you give it a screen.
Why? The story is essentially the same but told quite differently and much darker. You get more scenes and less sugar-coated ones
The happily ever after ending is totally absent in this version and it works.
The club is featured much more prominently in the cinematography and the music is too.
You'll get a much better feel for what the club was all about and how intoxicating & positively addicting it was...and that's before the party favors
Yes, I did a stint there as a customer, before I fully went all in DJing.
Just to be truthful, it was in the Spring of '83, after the official heyday, but the club was still red hot. -Z-